Mrs Fox 1 : Nigel 0


Saturday 17 May, 2014 by Uncle Spike

After a good life for four years, our eldest rooster, Nigel, fed a family of foxes as his last act of charity to this world…

Yes, sadly, Mrs Vixen paid us a visit around 2am this morning and left a minute later… with Nigel.




Some commotion was heard, and a dressing-gown clad Uncle Spike, armed with torch and rocks went off to defend the realm. But as usual, unless one is very lucky, most foxes can be in and out in under a minute.

A small patch of little feathers not far from his tree was all that remained. But in reality that isn’t a bad thing, at least he had been taken off, whereas foxes will often make a kill and leave the body. One night I remember one chook being taken, and 4 others killed and left strewn around the orchard.




Bonzo was unhappy, as he wanted to be let off his chain to give chase, but I know him, he would never come back, fixated on the chase, we would be off like a shot across the neighbouring farms. Trouble is, on a night when the foxes are out (you know due to the amount of canine noise across the valley), he would more likely be shot, so he had to stay put and sulk. Yes he had made lots of noise, but alas, Mrs Fox was not sufficiently intimidated this time around.




So goodbye to our No.2… He was a gentle soul, considerate to the ladies, and only yesterday, we were saying he was getting old now, but seemed such a happy chappie.

Bon appetit Mrs Fox, but next time just ask, I’ll cook you up a nice curry if you’re hungry.

This morning all is well, the other chooks carry on as normal, as is their way. Pablo is still the boss, but Duke Cock-a-Locky now ascends to the position of official No.2

Rest in peace Nigel.


37 thoughts on “Mrs Fox 1 : Nigel 0

  1. hello uncle spike its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to heer abowt nigels fate!!! he seems like he wuz a nice chikkin unlike sum nasty chikkins frum owter spayse wot i cud menshun but wont in kayse they ar reeding this!!! ennyway i hope the foxes ayt wel and wil stay away for a wile now!!! ok bye


  2. Sorry to hear. Maybe you need a goose to shepherd the chooks? I hear they are good ‘sheep dogs’ and fight the foxes? … Reminds me of that song: ‘There was an old lady who swallowed a dog… She swallowed the dog to catch the cat, she swallowed the cat to catch the bird…’


  3. Scout Paget says:

    I think roosters are allowed over the rainbow bridge too. Fare thee well, Nigel.


  4. fredrieka says:

    awe momwithoutpaws says we battle foxes and raccoons.


  5. The Rider says:

    So long Nigel, hope there is a Rooster’s paradise waiting for you!


  6. wingedprisms says:

    Poor Nigel! We have a fox in our neighborhood and seems to eat chickens often – no farms – just small town USA – the fox is well fed. They are beautiful but hungry………. 😦


  7. dayphoto says:

    Goodness! I hate losing my chickens to foxes, dogs, coyotes, owls, raccoon’s and skunks!!! So
    so I pen them up at night.



  8. joannesisco says:

    Sad news for poor Nigel. Good news for Mrs Fox. Nature provides for her own but it is a rather brutal business 😦


  9. My condolences… RIP Nigel.


  10. AnnetteM says:

    What a shame. How often do you get bothered by foxes? Not much you can do, I suppose?


  11. aj vosse says:

    Indeed… RIP Nigel!!


  12. janegundogan says:

    High 5 to Mrs Fox from me!


  13. Gill McGrath says:

    That is so sad.Upsetting news. Blasted foxes RIP Nigel.Hope his brothers Cheer up soon..


  14. newbloggycat says:

    So sad 😦 Farewell and RIP Nigel!


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