Hawaii ~ Downtown Honolulu


Sunday 11 May, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Many moons ago, and we are talking more moons than Buzz Aldrin and his cohorts visited during their illustrious astronautical careers, a rather young and adventurous Spike was, to borrow an antipodean turn of phrase ‘on walkabouts’…for a few years 🙂

As it happened, one winter in the mid-lateish ’80s, I was on a Continental Airlines 7-something, heading out west across the Pacific from Los Angeles, bound for the 51st State, Hawaii. It was gonna be a sort of a stopover en route to New Zealand, but ended up being a few weeks, or a month to six weeks – something like that; I was counting.

Upon arrival, my backpack, stuffed frog, and I headed to downtown Honolulu to check out the accommodation, the bars, the beach, and yeah, to generally seek my fortune. Having been an avid 5-0 fan for years, it was as I recall all a bit surreal at first, especially when I came across a small building when I found the beach…




Waikiki Beach – hmm, I’d seen better beaches before that, and certainly many more since, but there was something quite enthralling to be wandering along the sands of such a famous place. Not quite my scene, a bit too packed for my liking, but considering it’s position so close to a fair sized city on one side, and with a volcano next door on the other side, it was I have to admit, a bit of all right in my book.




Accommodation was always an issue when travelling, and bedding solutions varied according to pocket, circumstance and whim. Never planned, I usually stumbled across life as it happened, so as for finding somewhere to lay my head at night, that ranged from camping rough on beaches, under a hedge by the roadside, a spare sofa in someone’s house, a bed tied (not literally) to a short-term cash-in-paw job, or at times, a cheap and dodgy hotel/motel.

Being a rather busy old place, and with advice from my new found friends from 5-0, with their large belts, shiny but holstered weapons and sexy beach bikes, I had to rule out a spot of Waikiki Beach bumming in favour of a couple of nights at the 1* Hotel Most Seedy, or whatever it was called. Chance for a brush and scrub up at least, and a good night’s kip. This was the delightful view for my first 48 hours of said Hawaiian adventure.




The old trade fall-back of glass collecting in backstreet bars soon kicked in, with a couple of weeks night work and, as it happened, a bed or soft old sofa to alleviate the initial cost issues of the day one hotel arrangements. In the bar there was a form of cabaret, band, entertainment, call it what you will, that played 6 nights a week on the not so raised stage of perhaps 12″ situated at the back end of the bar. But the man below in the gold top hat, who went by the name of Garry was a gent; and a not bad singer to boot. After a chat about the world’s problems after my first night’s work, I ended up back at his place with a few others, and there I stayed for a couple of weeks.




But life in Hawaii was pretty good on the whole. I had a fair bit of free time, and with a place to crash, no need to lug around a 30kg pack either… Some evenings if I wasn’t working till the late shift, I would just sit down at the beach, and feast my bleary eyes on THIS….




Regular followers will guess I’m sure, but these images are just scans of the old 6×4″ travel photograph prints that Uncle Baldrick had saved in his attic for a few years; yes, I’m slowly getting around to going through them.

Hawaiian adventures will continue next week – subject to getting my butt in gear.


22 thoughts on “Hawaii ~ Downtown Honolulu

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  8. joannesisco says:

    For me it was Magnam PI that created this intense desire to touch and feel life in Hawaii. It just seemed like an exotic jewel that needed to be experienced one day. My chance finally came 2 years ago and it lived up to my lofty expectations – although our trip was exclusively on the Big Island.
    Thanks for triggering some great memories 🙂


  9. Early trips were different, right? The photos are cool with their vintage flair. Hawaii remains a lovely destination. The Big Island is perhaps the least visited of all islands and offers an amazing geographic diversity. Thanks for the memories of Waikiki.


  10. Colleen says:

    Great reminiscing, I really enjoyed reading and hearing about your time in Hawaii, so long ago. 🙂


  11. LaVagabonde says:

    It’s always fun to step back in time. Love the retro photos.


  12. ballerina95 says:

    I like reading about your earlier travels. Probably because it is something I would never do. Looking forward to the next installment.


  13. I lived on Oahu for 11 years (military housing). I never stop missing the islands…..


  14. tchistorygal says:

    This post brought back more recent memories for me. We were there last October for the first time. I think we stayed in that hotel. That was pretty much our view! Great place, and the beach hasn’t changed too much in all this time. It’s still crowded, and still an exciting place to visit. 🙂


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