My Kid’s Been Abducted By Aliens


Tuesday 06 May, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Cousin Spike Jnr is six and a bit, and in the first year of primary/ elementary school.

Like all kids, he whinges about school (follows his dad then).

“The mathematics we do is for babies daddy. We still don’t do negative numbers or even multiplication”

Ok, so he’s a nerd, we know that anyway.

Up until now, his reading has consisted of ANYTHING to do with Star Wars, reading English language Level 3 (reading alone) books for a few months now. But his Turkish reading was mainly just school books, and they were so basic and boring, or old fashioned he struggled to become engaged in such a chore.

That has all changed overnight.




Aunty Spike found him a good Turkish translation of Treasure Island. After an initial few sessions of “I’ll read one page, you the next”, he has ‘got it’, so to speak.

Last night, as Aunty Spike prepared her case for four days away, and yours truly was swinging the iron around to good effect in support of said venture, small Sheldon was sat up in bed, still reading an hour after bedtime!

My kid has been abducted by aliens…

Ok, so perhaps not. But there again, maybe so. This just happened this evening…

After we arrived home from school around 17:15, indoors he rushed, went straight to change out of his school uniform into his jim-jams, then he came into the kitchen to grab a snack (normal), he sat down at the kitchen table, scoffed his snack, and then clears up and wipes the table (also normal).

Then he grabs his school bag, gets out all his books, goes through and tells me about his homework, does it all without a whinge in sight.

An hour later (he worked efficiently for a change), I said “Ok, off you go… what’s next?”, to which he replied…

“Can I go and read my book daddy?”




He is now curled up on the sofa reading Treasure Island, and wants to read 15 or 20 pages before dinner (his words).

As I said, my kid has been abducted by aliens, and replaced by this smart-arse. I never even read the book myself; just waited for the film..!



19 thoughts on “My Kid’s Been Abducted By Aliens

  1. Our boys are the same age – mine is six and a half and loves to read and he is also into Star Wars. Now – we are here in the U.S. so not sure if you can get your hands on the series, but there is a book series out there called the Origami Yoda Files. It isn’t a classic like Treasure Island but mine told me I was “the best mom ever” for a whole week!!


  2. Gill McGrath says:

    Hi Spike
    Visions of……..
    Turkey in glorious sun
    Roses that glow before burn
    Chickens who follow and wallow in dust
    I love this bit of sun glow……. the best!


  3. What a great story and how fantastic to raise a big reader. Bravo to the three of you.


  4. amandachwa says:

    You are on the right track!

    My nephew is doing great with reading English, since I’m using Hooked on Phonics and he has interesting books to read. But he struggles with reading in Thai and has to repeat 2nd grade because of it. I need to find some good Thai books for my husband to read with him to get him going, but the only ones I can find are all Aesops fables. Maybe I’ll looks for Treasure Island too…


  5. onehindu says:

    What an awesome story! Kudos to Aunty Spike 🙂


  6. NS says:

    May all kids be abducted by such literary aliens!


  7. joannesisco says:

    A kid interested in reading is a wonderful thing!! Makes me smile 🙂


  8. paws2smile says:

    Yay! Another bookworm in the world!


  9. Ninna says:

    Okay! Is it Treasure Island or is it Robinson Crusoe – or is it both! O_o…
    Just kidding you…
    It’s a wonderful story from realityworld and I really enjoyed reading it!
    And among other things! You write so well!


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