The Short Life of Mr Poo-Bug


Saturday 12 April, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Usual farm life this past few days… shifting a tonne of cow poo to the open fertiliser depots for use throughout the year. Oh yes, I’m a lad who knows how to have fun in the sun 😀



Always plenty of bugs, worms and other stuff lurking in the pile, and today was no exception. I came across this strange wee beastie… it’s a Mole Cricket, or Gryllotalpa brachyptera for its grown-up name (thanks to Aparajita for the info on what it is/was).






So, still wondering what it was, I changed the camera over to video mode and shot this brief clip….



Oops, sorry Mr Poo-Bug, I honestly didn’t see Miss Fluffy-Bum coming in our direction; and she is always partial to a bit of bug breakfast!


17 thoughts on “The Short Life of Mr Poo-Bug

  1. These are the kind of critters I am glad if they stay in the poo rather than coming out to wander.

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  2. […] here in Southwest Türkiye. Creepy it certainly was, but if you want to see what happened, click here to see my original post about Mr Poo-Bug […]


  3. […] courtesy of a gang of local goats, when I came across an odd beastie called a Mole cricket. In my post, I named him/her/it Mr Poo-Bug. This was the chap by the […]


  4. Aparajita says:

    Looks like a mole cricket, they live in shallow tunnels underground and come out at night


  5. the chicken eating it was like a dash of cold water. 🙂

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  6. ’tis the circle of life. But that was one freaky looking bug


  7. Ninna says:

    She got some fresh meat, anyway. >:D
    And I haven’t the slightest idea what kind of bug that is… was. 😉


  8. Anonymous says:

    It looks like some kind of dung beetle, it is very unusual looking, was it able to fly?? I’m looking at one of the photos and was wondering if it had wings??


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