Red Spider Decimates Peas


Tuesday 08 April, 2014 by Uncle Spike

I once heard or read somewhere how many hundreds of different types of Red Spider there are our there. I dunno the facts to be honest, but I do know the little blighter’s are our most prolific of pests, attacking citrus trees and veggies alike.

The young leaves on Clementine trees seem especially vulnerable, ending up all curled and gnarled. I don’t use the sprays to be honest as, unless a tree is very young (all mine are 15-30 years), they can handle a certain % of damage and still bear fruit.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, peppers and aubergines all get infested, but gradually learning how to get away with minimal intervention.

But this winter I somehow forgot to check the peas in the greenhouse…. and look what happened!










28 thoughts on “Red Spider Decimates Peas

  1. […] have peas again, which I planted much later (by almost eight weeks), but seem to have avoided the red-spider decimation of previous seasons (see below), with a decent bucketfull picked […]


  2. […] in the greenhouse, and I’ve remarked on how much better they have been this year – no red spider attack for […]


  3. […] Last year we lost 90% to red spider, but this year we seem to be unaffected – probably due in part to the climatic differences seen this past winter. […]


  4. […] the best news are the peas. After last years problems, first with green caterpillar, and then decimation by red spider, the greenhouse looks positively healthy so […]


  5. […] while back I reported on our little friends of the Red Spider variety, and the havoc they decided to reek upon a greenhouse of pea plants. Well, they did their bit, but […]

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  6. Ninna says:

    Yääääackkkk…. I’m getting goose pimples all over me seeing that and thinking of the spider. I don’t know why spiders and other tiny crawling and flying things give me the creeps. I don’t faint, it’s not that bad luckily… but… bleaaa……

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      • Ninna says:

        are you making fun of me… HAHAHAHAHAHA
        (just kidding)


        • Uncle Spike says:

          You wouldn’t like these then… a regular visitor here (up to 9cm) 🙂


          • Ninna says:

            I thought it had to be big.
            I’m amazed that even small spiders that make small nets, can make them so strong.
            A bumble bee, quite big, had accidentally flown into my glass room some week ago, and didn’t find its way out. Suddenly the sound of it changed and I noticed it had fastened in a spiders net that was really small, for me almost invisible.
            The bumble bee couldn’t get out of it. It was very eager and tried very hard. The spider circled around and I’m not sure if it reached the bb or not. The bb was kicking its legs and flapping its wings very persistently

            So I took a pen, broke loose the net, the bb fell on the stone floor and managed to fly out. I can just hope it’s still alive. Haven’t seen it since though it circled around my glass room a lot before.

            On the other hand it’s colder now and rains a lot.

            I’m not afraid of bumble bees… 😉 I know bumble bees… O_o


  7. Have you tried spraying the blighters with with washing-up water full of strong cut-through-the-grease detergent? I know it works with aphids, but it does require perseverance and I’ve never tried it on a large scale.


  8. Woah! Talk about overtaking a plant!


  9. fredrieka says:

    pests… I can be a pest but a good one 😀


  10. AnnetteM says:

    Gosh – that is awful. There are times when you just have to resort to chemicals. It is unbelievable how such little things can make such a mess.

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  11. Gill McGrath says:

    That is really heart breaking and it looks like a horror movie!


  12. *shuddering* in the last two photos – is that netting or webbing they created?


  13. Wow, they did invade your peas and take over…good luck getting the peas to come back. (Suzanne)


  14. That’s a horrible blow. Hope you will be able to do something to fix this. 😦


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