Trench Digging – Oh The Joy!


Wednesday 19 March, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Oh isn’t hindsight a rather splendid concept? Trouble is, I have plenty of hindsight and not enough foresight… oh well, no brain, no pain and all that stuff.

What am I harping on about, eh? Well, the fact the veggie garden is over 50 metres (160′) from the artesian water bore was never gonna be put down to brilliant planning, but there we go, that’s just the way it is.

But after a few years of naff crops, we decided last year to use natural spring water drawn from our underground river some 120 metres (400′) below the farm, as opposed to treated tap water from a standpipe in the veggie garden.

I stuck a 2000 litre (528 US Gallon) tank on a raised concrete plinth, but had to refill it using a 50 metre (165′) long nylon flat pipe every few days. That’s all very good, but when it’s touching mid 40’s, or 115F that’s not one’s favourite task, especially during Ramadan.

I toyed with the idea of deep-burying a full 50 metre long pipe, together with a remote electrical switch. It would make sense, save effort and sweat, but the cost would be nonsensical, as would the extreme difficulty of deep-burying a pipe under our heavily compacted rocky farm area we call the driveway. So, I opted for a partial or half-way-house solution; shallow bury a pipe under the garden at least, so it doesn’t look so bad, and just run the flat pipe across the last 25m to the tank.

Step One – Pickaxe out a long trench



Easier said than done, with all the rocks here, that job took old Spike a few days. I probably lost an inch or so off the waistline in the process, so all was not lost 🙂



Step Two – Fight with a very inflexible and very long piece of 63mm (2.5″) hard nylon water pipe 





Step Three – Take delivery of some ballast to cover the buried pipe



Step Four – Connect new pipe to the artesian outlet I set up last year



Step Five – and then set up an outlet the other end too



Step Six – Bury the pipe, cover with ballast, protect with stone and recover with soil




Cant see much as a result of all the work; but I guess that’s a good sign 🙂



11 thoughts on “Trench Digging – Oh The Joy!

  1. […] my newly buried pipe made the job a whole lot easier, and meant I could run a flat pipe right through to the veg patch […]


  2. John says:

    The garden, the garden… and in such rocky ground.


  3. OMG! Have you chopped your hands off?


  4. Congratulations, you’re officially Superman!
    What a labour of love that looks but, I’m sure, supremely satisfying. Mister Potter and I feel very spoiled at our allotment, as the communal tap is just outside our plot.


  5. janegundogan says:

    See this is where The Turk could help! He was a landscaper back in Sydney although there’s not much call for that work in Mersin.


  6. fredrieka says:

    I dig with my feet and no gloves, ask you 4 legged kid to dig .. finish in no time.. Woof and wags


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