Name That Rooster


Saturday 08 March, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Ok Spikey’s, here it is; your opportunity to make a difference is someone’s life… well, when I say someone, I mean our young rooster 🙂




Currently he’s named Jimmy, but that never seemed to stick, so a post last week asked for some suggestions. With a couple of my own thrown in too, here are the name options we have to chose from.

You can choose more than one name and of course you can vote multiple times if your life is really that sad (joking… so is mine). The poll closes after the weekend, or 11:00 GMT on Monday, when young Jimmy will renamed!





19 thoughts on “Name That Rooster

  1. Peter S says:

    I think pets like titles, it makes them feel important. I successfully renamed a friend’s pug to Captain Puggles, so I’m voting for the Duke name!


  2. Duke and Wallace are great names!


  3. rododovris says:

    Kokori !(the greek word for rooster)!


  4. Love love LOVE this pic!!!


  5. mrsbearfoot says:

    Sorry I missed the original post. I would have suggested “Big Red.” 🙂


  6. fredrieka says:

    +Joe+ We had a Joe rooster who used to follow hubby around the farm


  7. panikikubik says:

    I missed this opportunity! It’s too much to do at my job.
    The first name that came up in my head was James Dean.

    Why? because he’s worth it

    Consider that I didn’t know that he’s current name was Jimmy, when i got my idea.
    It must be some sort of a sign?


    • panikikubik says:

      Who’s worht it? I mean the rooster is worth it. (And when I think about it, james dean is worth it too 🙂


      • panikikubik says:

        Sorry I missed the post …..and joined the game too late


        • Uncle Spike says:

          But you can still vote away like mad and create history, lol


          • panikikubik says:

            Ha,ha,ha that was a good one.

            Can ypu made me a promise? Don’t be mad if ypu every time you see your roooster is thinking of James Dean. I mean he liked cars, bikes and in “the Giant” he lived at a farm…admit it was a good one… LOL

            I fell in love with Jimmy Dean after seeign the Giant. The problem was that I was about ten and he was dead. I tend to chose the impossible ones…

            I will vote 😉


...waiting to hear from you...

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