From Burgers To Homegrown


Saturday 08 March, 2014 by Uncle Spike

HEALTH HERO – that’s a funny term isn’t it? Trawling around the net this week, I came across a site with a Who Keeps You Healthy campaign, encouraging bloggers to consider who our ‘Health Heroes’ are. So that got me thinking; although such inner dialogue in itself is not always a healthy pastime… 

But thinking about it I did, and I must say that I dunno if I could name one hero in my case; perhaps it’s more truthful to consider my hero as a composite of a few people who have influenced my choice for a healthy lifestyle. Oh, and I’m including myself in that mix too by the way.




So what is a Health Hero? Well, put simply, it’s Who Keeps You Healthy; that special someone in our life that keeps us healthy. In my case the story starts with me, yep me. I’m certainly no hero, far from it, but I do know I have been both the catalyst and primary driver behind most of my health downfalls and successes in life.

Over the decades, particularly during those heady days of being an uncouth youth, I let my body become the subject of abuse; primarily from the use of socially accepted substances and being one of the regulars known to quote “I know when I’ve got a Whopper”… Sorry, that’s not as crass as it sounds – during the mid 1980’s, the UK branch of Burger King had a long-running promotion whereby you could get ‘two Whoppers for the price of one’ if you had the balls to stand there and say that slogan. I did; practically every working day too. Of course, after a while my youthful physique of a cross-country and marathon runner had somewhat morphed into a spotty lardophile… 




They say you can’t really change one’s life until rock bottom has been hit. Suffice it to say, I pounded away on that rock for a fair while. Going back to the Health Hero matter, and the question of who helped, err, well ‘me’ really. I had a simple decision to make, continue bashing body on rock, or change. I am still here, so enough said.

I was also bereaved a couple of times – and THAT I can tell you, is a fairly good way of getting the necessary self-butt-kicking to think about life itself. It makes you feel guilty at being the survivor, and that sucks for a long while, but it also makes you determined to live life ‘on behalf of’ your departed loved ones. Living a healthy life is a choice, simple as. So to waste such an opportunity to prolong one’s own life is, in a bizarre way, to dishonour those we had to let go.




Next on my list of Health Heroes would be my son, yes that small person known to the blogosphere as Cousin Spike Jnr. Now I know all parents would state something similar, but I never thought I’d have kids. With no bambinos of my own from my first marriage of 15 years, to became a daddy later in life was a shock to the system to say the least – I suddenly became ‘responsible’ for the well-being of another soul (which is vastly different to spousal responsibility). I noticed I started driving slower and safer, taking less risks on my motorbike and generally considering that each and every day, I have to do whatever it takes to remain in good enough health to be the primary care-giver for this small person who has invaded our lives (in a nice way I might add).




My other Health Hero would be my wife, otherwise known on here as Aunty Spike. I know, “Awww, bless…”, but it’s quite a factor for me in terms of keeping my health as a top agenda item. Due to the nature of a long undetected cancer, I never made it past 15 years marriage – I was always thinking about the long-term future, never considering for a moment it may not be so. However, what has happened has happened. I am very happily remarried, and determined to enjoy it, living every day as if it’s that elusive 30th anniversary. With luck, well get there.


images (1)


So the fact that I don’t drink, smoke, rarely take caffeine, almost never eat burgers or any tinned, canned, boxed, shrink-wrapped or other processed food, and started farming as opposed to office-bound working, you now know why. I grow much of our own food, always cook ‘properly’ and I’m serious about the term “I am what I eat!”. So who is my Health Hero? The answer is me I guess in the main, but for a number of reasons.

As someone very wise once said…
“Life is not a dress rehearsal”



23 thoughts on “From Burgers To Homegrown

  1. JunkChuck says:

    I’m trying to do better, and you’re an inspiration that’s for sure, but that burger photo is so–unfair. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dayphoto says:

    Very well done, Uncle Spike! It ’tis hard, but doable. By the way..I love your rotating headers! Always well photographed!



    • Uncle Spike says:


      Got whinged at by a friend and my wife this weekend that the ‘same old’ and the colour was getting tedious, lol… so had a bit of a spring-clean.

      Also looked at other themes, but really couldn’t find any free ones that really suited the magazine style I want.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg! you’ve morphed into my Mum lol :0


  4. Ninna says:

    😀 An apple a day……….


  5. corley598 says:

    Ok, now you just made me hungry!


  6. Inspirational and moving at the same time. Good for you for living such a healthy life.
    I thought I was too, but reading about your diet, I have an effort to do.
    Only because of my glass of red wine.
    Enjoy the years to come.


  7. Oh,thanks!!!! LOL Anyone that knows and loves me,knows I absolutely LOVE a tasty,greasy burger!!!!! Yummy! Thanks for posting!


  8. Amy Pinkrose says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this, Uncle Spike. I’ve had some life altering experiences, to put a coin to them, and from that, I have learned life is precious and to live every day with a Song in my Heart. I too eat healthy, eating organic and cooking everything from scratch. I wish I did have a garden, BUT we have a real prob with racoons and rabbits and to have a garden would require a barbed wire fence not only around it, but across it as well. Oh, did I mention DEER? Lots of those as well. Hubby is not too keen on physical motion, so I don’t have a big strong male to help me with getting a garden together. We have all the tools. I just need the man power.

    The only thing I do and I just cannot bear to part with, is drink coffee. I am also very hesitant to go out to eat in restaurants, for being a waitress in my youth, I have “seen” what goes on in the kitchen. No canned products, no processed foods …. oops I still do mayo, but we buy only the best. To really eat pure, even with our water intake, is so hard. Even with organic products I have seen what LOOKS like food, but does not smell like it (no odor), feel like it (no tingles in my hands), and the color is just too perfect. (sigh)

    I hope those who are young who read this post, THINK. It’s true. You are what you eat. And if you eat junk, that will catch up to you!

    Great post, Uncle Spike! Thank you! Love, Amy


  9. Awesome post! Keep up the good work 🙂


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