I Don’t Feel Like A ‘Jimmy’


Saturday 01 March, 2014 by Uncle Spike


Hello, I’m Jimmy 🙂

Well, at least that’s what Uncle Spike (our boss-dad) calls me.

I dunno why he called me that,
I think he’s been eating too many of my sisters’ eggs!


Anyway, I need a new name.
Can you help me please?


The two ‘senior roosters’ here are called Pablo and Nigel.
In the past we’ve had Kevin, Grommit and of course there was the evil Fred,
although I never met him before boss-dad made him a soup.

Boss-dad says he and Aunty Spike will pick their favourites from your suggestions and next week it’ll be put to a vote, so you Spikey’s can choose my name.

How excited am I?




I’m one of last spring’s chicks, but I’m almost all growed-up now.

I have recently found out what is ‘my job’ (ahem), and it’s pretty cool.
I practise every day (if you know what I mean)

Anyway, I want a fancy name, coz I don’t feel like a Jimmy, and boss-dad reckons I’m in line to be head rooster when I grow up 😀

Thank you.

Jimmy (for now)



10 thoughts on “I Don’t Feel Like A ‘Jimmy’

  1. ballerina95 says:

    I like John’s suggestion of Don Juan!


  2. Gill McGrath says:

    Surely ‘Duke Cocka-Locky’ …….as an official name …..his formal name!, The one you write down….! Then depending on your mood and how fed up you are of chasing him you could pick ( at ease) any one of the three names separately when you have to call him….. ‘ Duke’, when you want to impress visitors and neighbours….. Cocka or Locky or Cocka- Locky for the more ordinary agitated moments, But what ever you do …..Duke Cocka Locky said altogether, sounds rather like a chicken noise anyway…..useful!….. as at parties you could even put on your chicken hats,,,,,, and set it to musict! Can’t loose! But don’t ever expect him to respond to Duke.! And that’s from one who had two adorable chickens named Nora and Hen- Len and I am not going to tell you which one was the bossy one…… or the one who laid her first egg on my lap. 🙂


  3. why not Wallace, since you’ve already got Grommit 🙂


  4. raroto says:

    How about “Ayam” – a Malay word for chicken! Heh 😉


  5. Pat says:

    I immediately thought of Don Juan, too. There is also Henry VIII. He has the fine feathers and the girth of Henry although I hope he doesn’t take over Uncle Spikes job of chopping off the heads of non-layers. 🙂


  6. John says:

    …or Don Juan to fit your fantasies.


  7. skytash says:

    Cazanova, to go with your professional responsibilities?


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