Hands Up For Goat Poo!!


Tuesday 25 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Mid to late February. Usually that means farming chores in good weather… and this year is no exception. For 10 days straight, the sun has shone all day long, with a rather pleasant 22-23 degrees (or 72-74 in old money for my ‘across the ponders’). That’ll all change very soon, with storms and persistent rain the norm for early March, if not a few times throughout the month. But this week at least, it’s farming chores again, but this time work is followed each day by solar heated hot showers (not bad for February).

With 3km of watering pipes all rolled neatly back, and the pruning of 200 assorted citrus and other fruit trees complete, and 20 out of 45 olive trees reshaped this year, it’s time for one last ‘big job’….


Yes, I have all the fun, don’t I just, eh?




Luckily for the boss, she works away during the week, so she is probably very grateful for that fact she’s away on the 5 days when I smell and look like a turd on two legs.

Goat poo is arguably the best fertiliser known to man when it comes to fruit trees – but it comes at a price. Unless you keep goats, and you’d need a lot of them, and you keep them in pens for much of the time (in order to ‘collect’), then you have to fork out a small fortune for it.

My main orchard needs two large trailer loads. To put that into some sort of perspective, that equates to approx. 170 builders size wheelbarrow loads of the stuff. That a lot of second-hand goat dinners!



Yes it’s pricey stuff, but you only need to use natural fertilisers every two years, whereas chemical fertilisers such as Ammonia Sulphate (NH4)2SO4), Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2O5), Potassium Oxide (K2O) and Zinc (Zn) should be applied every springtime. Yes those are about 20% cheaper, but as I also have to pay for a neighbour to come in and plough in whatever fertiliser I apply, the saving of ploughing costs on non-poo years means it’s pretty much equal in financial terms.







Thankfully, goat poo is very light, so shovelling, pushing the wheelbarrow and spreading it is not heavy work (not like concreting jobs). Sure, I have to shovel in and shovel out some 170 wheelbarrow loads in 4 days, but it’s the pushing the barrow across the rocky orchard that gives me my exercise, and jars the hell out of the elbow and shoulder joints. It’s not a bad chore, all things considered. Now you see why getting the timing right to use that window of warm February weather is all important.


8 thoughts on “Hands Up For Goat Poo!!

  1. karencomics says:

    I used to have goats and a garden — synergy! You’re making me all nostalgic, here…


  2. At least it’s sunny 😉


  3. fredrieka says:

    Mom says nothing like goat poo or chicken poo for gardening.. I say do not use stuff from my snack bar


  4. Joe says:

    Let’s have three cheers for Goat poo Spike – hip, hip ….


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