Anyone Guess It?


Thursday 20 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

For those still head scratching on the latest in my ‘Guess What’ series, it’s almost time to reveal the answer. Did you get, or anywhere close? There was quite a flood of guesses this week – my notifications bubble was kept pretty busy!

– – this was the challenge – –



The answer is shown below…. but it wasn’t any of these I’m afraid:

  • washing machine
  • dryer
  • port hole
  • fuel tank of a car (I see stains)
  • gun barrel
  • glass tumbler
  • drain of a sink
  • sewing machine (down where you put the small reel)
  • a loophole
  • looking into an electric light fitting
  • looking down into a hot water bottle
  • something made out of ceramic
  • part of a button
  • top of an electric stove with the element removed
  • throat of a milk bottle
  • gas hob burner with brass rings, minus the cap
  • bottom of a coffee mug
  • belt eye
  • bootlace eye
  • old thermos flask
  • looking into a projector
  • hole to a vehicle gasoline tank 
  • inside an old camera lens
  • peep hole
  • sterno can


But it was THIS…

* *  a sub woofer thingy for the TV * *




Too hard, too simple?

As Lady Pinkrose put it so well…

“…You love tormenting us. Honestly! Like I said before, you are a little sh*t….”


Hmm, what to do next week?

Seems to create plenty of guesses and discussion among the Spikey’s

So, who fancies their chances with the challenge next Wednesday/Thursday?


23 thoughts on “Anyone Guess It?

  1. […] ok…. I know last week’s Guess What was a stinker and that nobody came close to a correct guess. I admit it was pretty rotten, but as […]


  2. Hey, Thanks, Uncle Spike, for the link. I guess there are pros for speaking my mind! LOL And about this, um, guessing thingie, TOO HARD. Come on, you have to be reasonable. No one would have guessed it. But that is what you want, isn’t it? (sigh) You frustrate me!


  3. Ninna says:

    I have absolutely no idea what that thing is or what it’s supposed to do.
    But at least it’s a hole in it


  4. annette2121 says:

    Well it was fun guessing but as I have never seen one of those I didn’t stand a chance! Something EASIER next week PLEASE!


  5. panikikubik says:

    Finally 🙂 . Now I can focus on me vacuum cleaning……


  6. KG says:

    Oh my God ! Uncle Spike !!!! 🙂 That was totally unexpected…

    Liked by 1 person

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