Wordless Wednesday ~ My Porsche (not)


Wednesday 19 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike


Not mine I hasten to add.

With that ground clearance,
it wouldn’t manage our unmade village tracks here, lol.

Nice to dream though, eh 🙂




9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday ~ My Porsche (not)

  1. I prefer proper two door Porsches. But they wouldn’t function well here with their low ground clearance. Range Rovers and Toyota Land Cruiser Prados are the aspirational cars here.


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Here we have c. 1980’s Turkish built Renaults, with decent ground clearance, and built like small tanks 🙂

      Had many big 4×4’s in the old life, but these cars handle more than anything I ever did in those!


  2. I bet you’d like to try out that clearance!


  3. panikikubik says:

    Lol – I do understand you.
    I must confess that when I went shopping a couple of days ago….I arrived to the parkinglot in my old SAAB. I parked my car, sitting staring out the windscreen to gather the force to take the wallet and so on and on……when I looked at my right side -. and what did I see………..A beautiful black Ford Mustang….(that is my cardream).
    I took a picture of it and was actually planning to put it on my blog . like you did. :-)- but it was too dark to make a really good picture.

    One day I’m going to buy a Ford Mustang ( the only problem I see, except for paying it – is that my boys….are very much aware of that a Ford Mustang from the 60_s isn’t the most environment friendly vehicle in the world. The suggest me to by an hybrid. I’m still practising on the speech I will have when I’m standing beside my Ford Mustand – explain why I bought it.

    Turning 50 this year…I understand why so many older men ( often men) drivesa really nice car ( they are not trying too play young or impress on ypunger women)……the still feel young inside, and just want to fulfill their own dream . but haven’t had money until now. So kudos to them for not letting their dream go!



    • Uncle Spike says:

      Oh yes, a Mustang has always been a dream for me too. My cousin’s first husband in the states had a 1985 black Mustang – not a bad ride 🙂

      Definite mid-life crisis toys indeed – and spot on, we just wanna have the toys we could never afford when we were younger. My problem is I’m far poorer now now than I was back then, lol


      • panikikubik says:

        🙂 That is no problem. Just keep on making marmelade and save some of the money in a box. You still got time, and by the time your box is full of money – maybe the roads to your farm can handle a nice car 🙂


  4. janegundogan says:

    Nah why have a Porsche when you can have a Anadol!


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