Roofing Spike


Thursday 13 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Following on from Spike The Welder, we now have Roofing Spike, lol.. 🙂

Once the roofing support had been constructed, the roof itself could be attempted. First of all was to hoist the supports into place. Working on my own as always, I employed the head-scratching methodology of problem-solving – after the right amount of hair loss, I found and worked through a ‘plan’, which involved two sets of ladders, rope, and me!




A lattice of box steel tubing was laid and welded in place to support the roofing sheets.



To ensure my welding skills were not called into question, no ‘joins’ were made; instead opting for overlap joins over the support frames instead – much safer all round. Then the entire construction was painted with anti-corrosive metal paint.




Then the roofing sheets… but that was fun. Each one was 7 metres (almost 23 ft) long. Again, working alone required more head-scratching. But a plan did brew between my ears, and this is how it went…


Step 1. Place angled ladder against steel roof supports.

Step 2. Add some heavy duty cardboard to protect the metal and to make a smoother ‘slide’.



Step 3. Drag and then hoist one steel roofing sheet on to the ladder.

Step 4. Gradually push the sheet further up the ladder until it breached the top of the ladder.

Step 5. Lower the ladder slightly so that the sheet rested on the cardboard, which rested against the roof supports.



Step 6. The fun bit. Grab the end of the sheet. Start pushing it ‘up’ to the roof. Get almost to a run until…. the sheet goes over the half-way point, and….. BANG, it smacks down on top of the roofing support lattice.



And then, repeat for all 12 sheets, followed by a couple of days of pre-drilling and affixing with self-tapping roofing bolts.



After a couple of days graft, the roof was almost complete. As the construction was a strange shape, to maximise space usage and build on top of the existing wall, the final task was to trim the roofing sheets to present an even 40cm overhang.





This link will take you to more of Uncle Spikes ‘Builder’ type adventures.


14 thoughts on “Roofing Spike

  1. aj vosse says:

    Necessity they say… is the mother of invention! 😉


  2. Effort paid off, finally, right 🙂


  3. ballerina95 says:

    Even more impressive that you still had time to take photos. 🙂


  4. Good job Spike. Well done. You’ll be able to live in there!


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