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Thursday 06 February, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Over the years I’ve had a go at many building type jobs around the house and here on the farm – from a chook house, and a wood and coal store, to a greenhouse and a variety of other creations, including 3 large compost bins, cow-poo and goat poo stores (lovely, eh?) and a small hay store.

After getting fed up of paying for mediocre and over-priced local workmanship for welding, Uncle Spike thought he’d have a go.


Adding a roof to my farm / garden tool depot



This was my first job, knocking together a small gate to save the neighbours walking around the farm to the front gate. It was a rough job, using up old galvanised steel standpipes and some spare chainlink fencing.



And then there was the looooong job, that of preparing the roofing supports for the garage (or farm depot or man-cave).


DSCF1639 - Copy_blog.

I’m slow, certainly not that technically proficient, but the results are ‘fit for purpose’.



And finally, the door frames for the side door and two large front doors…



The term “Don’t give up the day job” springs to mind, but getting braver now 🙂

And Aunty Spike even got me a fab auto-darkening welding mask!




This link will take you to more of Uncle Spikes ‘Builder’ type adventures.


19 thoughts on “Spike The Welder

  1. aj vosse says:

    Seems to me you take on these challenges for the fun elements to be had!! A man after my own heart!! Build on… 😉


  2. Ninna says:

    Still envying you…


  3. fredrieka says:

    My human dad is a welder. They are awesome they can fabricate anything


  4. You look like Darth Vader in your welding mask. I can think of one small boy who’d enjoy charging around wearing that doing the Star Wars thing!


  5. Ahhh… arc welding is fun. Used to do it when I was in College, that was like about 15 years ago? Gas welding on the other hand was tougher for me… hehehe.


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Me and gas dont mix (search for caravan on my blog, lol).

      I’m pretty crap at arc welding – so much more difficult than I had envisaged, but getting there….


  6. bmagpub says:

    I might be needing your help! With lick, I won’t need to weld anything, just nails, glue, and hammer and spanners! And I’m slow too. I hope my project(s) end up looking as good as yours.


  7. Nice fence – you should have entered it for a design award!


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