Rooster That Lay Eggs??


Sunday 26 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Went it rains here, it pours… we may be one of the hottest places in Turkey during summer, but we also have one of the highest annual rainfall counts too – just all crammed into our weekly winter storms.

So what to do… gardening and farming chores can be a bit soggy, so one has to look elsewhere. This morning I opted to prepare a gift for an impending visit to the outlaws – a chook for roasting.

As I went down to the roosters house to select one to be ‘dispatched’, I noticed something odd, something very odd indeed. Sure enough, on the ground in the far corner of the pen were…. some eggs! Looking closer I could count perhaps 4 or 5 of these darned eggs.




So what?, you might be thinking. Well, that chook house has 8 (sorry, that’s now 7) residents. All of whom are 3-4 kg large roosters, so definitely NOT egg layers.

Weird and strange.

I wrote a while ago about our chooks and their egg-laying habits in a comical post called My Chickens Are Plain Stoopid! And this it seems is just another example.





What I ‘think’ has been happening, is that one of the ‘junior’ ladies has started producing eggs; but at the same time, she isn’t quite ‘into’ the amorous attention of the boys. I have seen her before sat on top of the roosters hut ‘watching’ down on her attentive suitors. The theory is that she has been popping out the occasional egg whilst sat on top of the roosters pen roof (which is netting laid on on top of horizontal chainlink fencing). There is a hole very close to where she sits, at the back, on the right hand side, just next to the hut itself. My guess is that the eggs drop down into the roosters pen. A few are broken, but obviously 4 or 5 survived the one metre drop!!

Bonkers, the lot of ’em!


3 thoughts on “Rooster That Lay Eggs??

  1. […] you may recall, all our spare roosters in the pen had the name ‘Soup’. Someone even asked me why once… well, let’s just say they have all recently lived up […]


  2. Hehehehehe You made me laugh, Uncle Spike! Thank you!! Your last sentence did it. “Bonkers, the lot of ’em!” Have a Great Day!!!


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