More Goodies From Uncle Baldrick


Thursday 16 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Remember the garden fork, the tools and the 5,000 old photographs? Well, that’s not all that Uncle Baldrick brought over on his flying visit this New Years.

Aunty Spike has never had English cheese.. so he brought her over a selection of some 10 different cheeses to try out. Naturally, as an expert, I can ‘help’ her with this task 🙂  Now, to eat cheese, one really needs biscuits or crackers – as another quaint custom she was unaware of, a box of assorted cheese crackers arrived too!




And then of course he saw fit to replenish out spice cupboard after his recent trip to India – good man! Plus our mustard selection was reinstated as supplies were running too low for comfort, with some new additions for the boss to sample, ploughman’s pickle and even some piccalilli.




As I’m ashamedly almost caffeine intolerant these days, a couple of bags of decent ground ‘decaf’ coffee were certainly appreciated, as were a couple of kilo’s of some excellent sugar/salt free muesli cereal!

We mostly eat Turkish food, although both our tastes are pretty international. I mainly cook with eastern spices, a hangover from two decades of travel, so when Uncle Baldrick ventures over this way, he turns into a bit of a pack mule… thankfully we are almost the same size, so he raids my wardrobe for clothes as he only had room for his undies this time.


17 thoughts on “More Goodies From Uncle Baldrick

  1. timecollage says:

    Haha, just his undies, that’s so funny! I so get it, sometimes there are things that in your country that you can’t find elsewhere. Unless you are in USA where they have everything on, except for my grandma’s fermented cabbage 😦


  2. ssgt leslie says:

    enjoy all the goodies. look yummy


  3. Mei-Mei says:

    Is there any food, from England or elsewhere, that you really miss? When I was in Spain I started craving peanut butter after a few months. Also Kraft mac&cheese. Very American of me!


    • Uncle Spike says:

      I lived all over for so long that I don’t have any ‘English’ appetite, but some things not available here (or are very expensive to us) and therefore ‘needed / wanted’ are things like Brown Sauce, Muesli, Decaf coffee, mustards and cheeses, curry & other spices…


  4. The French in me is like, “English cheese?” But I ate some at a friend of mine, with crackers, and yes, they made pretty good cheese on the other side of the Channel.
    One of the most interesting experiences in life is to try food from elsewhere because it really brings people together.


  5. fisefton says:

    When we lived in Africa my sister and I always had to take Branston Pickle, HP sauce and Shredded Wheat home with us in the holidays. It didn’t matter if we had enough weight/space for clothes, those were most important!


  6. fredrieka says:

    I love a little new treats. I do not know about mustard but mom just bought me lamb and rice biscuit’s


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