The Answer Was This….


Sunday 12 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

This was the challenge…


And then, as the image was colour inverted,
this was shown as the original image…



A few got ‘close’, but not quite

. . .

The best guess was from a friend of Madeline

. . .

Time to put the rest of you out of your misery….

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .




This is the larger picture which shows it was just a bunch of seaweed
in the shallows of a bay. Not actually a ‘footprint’ after all…

In our warm climate, even during mid winter,
all sorts of stuff seems to grow

(it was 19C / 66F when this shot was taken on 5th January)

I took this shot from the ancient ruins of Knidos on the Datça Peninsula,
where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean

Sorry for this one, lol… but as soon as I saw this sight
it just shouted
at me ‘blog challenge, blog challenge‘ 😀


10 thoughts on “The Answer Was This….

  1. ballerina95 says:

    Sneaky. I didn’t know you altered colors. I thought it was a faithful photo. I’ll keep that in mind in your next photo challenge.


  2. raiz1972 says:

    Argghh , of course ,, love these uncle spike 🙂


    • hehehehehehehe MANY of us were pulling out our hair, compliments of Uncle Spikey! What a brat! I can say that ’cause I am older then you! LOL You dangled us all on that fishline and our frustrated fingers were clicking away just to see IF the answer was revealed. LOL

      You be a tricky, sly one. Now I am going to try even harder to guess at the next “What’s This?” photo.

      Argghhhh indeed……Better watch out, Uncle Spikey, for those paybacks are a *itch! GRIN!


    • Uncle Spike says:



  3. Somebody did say seaweed, and unfortunately it wasn’t me. Uncle Spike, you truly are a terrible tease. I should put that in a rhyme. Hehehehehehehe


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