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Thursday 09 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Every guy needs a Man Cave!

I put this out there as a statement, not a question, in order to fend off unnecessary challenges from the “Spiket’s” (that’s our ‘girlie’ followers, as opposed to the masculine variety, the “Spiker’s”).

It’s a place for my toys, such as concrete drill, welding kit, jetwash, stone cutter, pvc pipe joiner, tool kits (electrical, plumbing and ‘general’) etc. etc.

It’s a place where I can run and hide. A safe haven from chatty visitors and the outlaws. On such occasions, Aunty Spike is allowed a ‘special pass’ as she is also known to be one in need of hiding 🙂




It’s a place for the extension ladders, bicycles and my motorbike.

It’s a place where I can listen to Pink Floyd, Rush, Dire Straits, Status Quo, Blue Oyster Cult and reminisce over my youth.




It has a special place in my heart too, coz it was on this build project last year that I cut my teeth with the art of stick (arc) welding, having constructed the roof, doors, racking, workbench etc.

I have all the creature comforts a farming chap could need – such as a sink, water tap, lights, power, music, and now even a heater 🙂




I can burn offcuts from the citrus trees in here to keep me warm during our long cold winters (ok, perhaps not; but useful on the odd day where I need to do some work or hide out there in January/February). On NY’s Eve we used it to roast chestnuts… it didn’t half throw out some heat too :)))))




This link will take you to more of Uncle Spikes ‘Builder’ type adventures.


20 thoughts on “Man Cave

  1. […] never know – and has stayed with me ever since. And yes, it is regularly played out in the Man Cave (depot/garage) at least once a […]


  2. […] support structure I made for the roof of our workshop/garage/farm depot – also known as my Man Cave […]


  3. […] The old olive tree was not the only tree to be made a ‘feature’ of; we also had a large eucalyptus tree right smack where we wanted to build the garage/depot that eventually became my man-cave. […]


  4. panikikubik says:

    Here is the solution for many families. I know by my own experience that a man really needs a cave, a safe zon, if he would feel comfortabel to live with a lady. He really can’t take it otherwise. Unfortunately I live in a very small apartment with my boys…the nearest cave is 500 m from here – an old cellar for bicyckles in the are. No tools no internet in that cellar.
    A cave can be a room with books, or a real cave like yours.

    I’m sitting here wondering – if a man needs a cave – what does a woman need to feel content?
    hmmm….I would love to have a pony and tof course tickets to a Bruce Springsteen concert.


  5. […] Clan Spike’s second entry for this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge is my simple wood burner in my garage / farm store / workshop / general all round Man Cave. […]


  6. NICE!

    My attitude is if I can build it or repair it, I don’t need it!

    Great cave!


  7. Patty B says:

    Besides the rest of the house – us “Spikets” need a place to hide and refresh ready to tackle the days stress of “doing everything by ourselves!” My Woman’s Cave is my sewing room – it is an automatic of do not disturb when I am in there, unless it is an emergency. The house burning down around me would be one….shouts of “he is teasing me” / “she started it” is not. Hubby wanting a hug was a free pass into the room! Now my daughter is pushing me out to have her own space so I am being reassigned into the den. But I still have my woman’s cave!!!


  8. Ninna says:

    … and a women need a room of her own…


  9. colliebrookcrossing says:

    I keep telling The Man that when we buy our first house one of the first things I’m doing is insulating his garage. He’s a mechanic through and through – two years ago he rebuilt a 12 valve Cummins, at home, on his own, in the garage, and put it in his ’89 ford pick up. The only requirements I have when we buy a house are 1) that it’s livable, and ok if it’s outdated because we can fix that, 2) that it has a garage for his man stuff, 3) it has a decent yard for the dog(s) and possible kids, and 4) that there is space either in an extra bedroom or the basement to create an office for me – a sort of woman cave for scrapbooking, work, etc.


  10. Joe says:

    We definitely need a space for our “Stuff” – a man cave, a place of our own where we can work on things and belch to our hearts delight, LOL.


  11. John says:

    Pretty organized, Spike, no trail of leftover jobs lingering on the table, on the floor, gathering dust. It must be a delight!


  12. Amy says:

    A comment from a “spikettt”. LOL I too have my cave. It’s a room where my music, books, camera equipment, and whole lot of other this that and the other is. A place I can close the door and breathe. I also have actually made a “Do not disturb” sign to hang on the closed door. LOL Even we gals need space. OH, I actually have two spaces. My medium is pastels, very messy, so when I draw I draw in the basement in my own little cubby. See how rich I am? TWO caves!


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