Our New Years Eve


Wednesday 08 January, 2014 by Uncle Spike

Party, party, party….!!  Yeah right; party animals we are (not)…

Well, perhaps once upon a time, sure, but those days have slipped past into the oblivion of middle-age I guess. We also live in a rural farming community, so there’s not exactly a choice of raving parties around these parts, not even a firework – we save those for our village weddings during the summer months.

Of course in rural Turkey we do have other quaint customs, such as firing off repeat shotguns and pistols into the night sky, but we won’t mention that bit.

Another reason for the lack of rowdiness is that we have a kiddo and no relatives closer than 14 hours away, so we tend to have a quiet one, albeit a ‘family time’ at New Years.

This year was no exception. There was Aunty & Uncle Spike, Cousin Spike Jnr and our visitor, Uncle Baldrick. We had spent the day lopping trees, so our bonfire mainly consisted of Eucalyptus tree branches, plus some dry branches from our olive, orange and clementine trees that I’d lopped at the end of last season.




Now that the store / garage is complete (connected the last of the electrics on NY Eve too), we enjoyed some fairly lively music outside and even had an old string of festive lights hanging out the window 🙂




And scoff we did… baked spuds, marshmallows on long sticks poked in the fire, potato chips, olives, cheeses and Baldrick even created a fiery marinade for some chicken wings too.




Cousin Spike Jnr managed to stay up to 11pm, his latest ever (normally in bed at 8:30). He absolutely loved it, but was knackered and pretty grizzly the next day!




The funniest thing (and I wish we’d had a video handy), was Cousin Spike Jnr and Uncle Baldrick playing ‘Bazinga’ in the huge pile of Eucalyptus offcuts… 





A couple of old tree roots from 5 years ago helped the fire burn through till next morning 🙂




To end off with, we roasted some chestnuts on the top of the the small tin wood burner in the garage. Needless to say we didn’t get cold !!! 


11 thoughts on “Our New Years Eve

  1. […] we do celebrate New Years as I mentioned in my post about New Years Eve. Schools even have Santa visit around New Year (remember Santa comes from here, just a couple of […]


  2. tinapumfrey says:

    I think this sounds more like the kind of party I would like to have next year. After going out for New Year’s for the first time in forever, my husband and I decided that a neighbourhood party with the kids will be more our speed. A bonfire might just put it over the top, in a good way!


  3. I like the teapot, do you drink tea with milk still?


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Not for many years Charlotte. In Turkey we all use a two-part pot. The top pot contains the tea (and water), and the lower part just hot water. The tea is therefore brewed slowly from the steam from below. To pour you use some from each pot according to taste. 😀


  4. Small celebrations often create the best memories.
    Glad you had a great time.


  5. Bazinga !!!!! Sounds great to me !!!


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