Crowded Turkish Beaches… In Winter


Wednesday 18 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Yeah right… In the summer, say from June to September, the beaches here on the Turkish Riviera attract all sorts of wildlife, usually in the form of overweight pink European tourists sunning their bits.




But from October to May they are largely deserted and as nature intended. Often still warm enough for a quick dip though, even out of season, when you’ll no doubt have the beach to yourself.




Those few months, when the charter flights don’t land here like migrating birds, are a blessing in disguise to the natives; perhaps not financially, as many work in the tourism sector, but sociably, there is more spare time for some, the roads are safer with less tourist buses thundering up and down the coast at all hours, and, the beaches are quiet, desolate and beautiful…








29 thoughts on “Crowded Turkish Beaches… In Winter

  1. Patty B says:

    Beautiful and as a new Spikey I look forward to the reunion on this spectacular beach! And I might add I will be one of the “pink” American tourists that would soon turn red!! 😀


  2. All the Spikeys want to go!


  3. Madeline says:

    I can just imagine the beautiful beach right now!
    I live in the middle of the UK so don’t see many beaches, but what I enjoyed the most in Turkey was the night dives. It felt as if we had the whole sea to ourselves and the beautiful silhouette of the town lit up by the street lights as we drove further and further away from land was something I will never forget.


  4. janegundogan says:

    I laughed out loud at the pink European tourists. So true. The Turk had a boat in Bodrum. It used to freak me out how many poms and Europeans would bake in the sun. No sunscreen. As an Aussie it’s a horror! Enjoy the peace.


  5. Aren’t there any overweight Turkish men?;-)

    I much prefer beaches in the winter. When I lived down near the seafront, my greatest delight was to go walking when the red flag was raised for Force 8 winds and there was loads of flying shingle and there were mighty waves crashing on to the shore.

    Can’t stand tourists … whoops, I’m not meant to say that!


  6. Say they ain’t wearing Speedos … 😀


  7. Anami Blog says:

    We went to Oludeniz this September and it was still pretty busy, yet wonderful. I’ve been wondering how it could look like after the season. Great images, wish I could walk along that beach now, quiet and peaceful…
    All the best,


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Oludeniz.. somewhere I never go ‘in season’, but come mid-winter it is desolate and beautiful (fair drive from here but worth it in winter). Hardly any ‘normal’ people live there as most residents are also seasonal – so it’s just the Jandarma station, who have the prime seafront position on the planet 🙂


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