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Tuesday 10 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike


Ok bloggers, hands up who is a ‘newbie’, who is an ‘old hand’ at this game? Me, I’m an ‘in-betweener’, having started my blogging life (if one can be so brash as to call it that) in June 2013. It’s been an interesting ride for sure, posting over 1100 pages of ‘stuff’, for want of a better word, ranging from my farming exploits to photo challenges; and from wacky childhood adventures to some far and not so far-flung travel adventures. Stats are solid and steady, so all in all, I am feeling relatively comfortable with my new found hobby.

One thing though, I admit to be a brain-picker; not afraid to go ask silly questions from those I perceive to be senior-bloggers, you know, the ‘old hands’; those guys and gals who have been there, done that in blogging terms, survived and bought the t-shirt. Helpful as ever is how I’ve found our little community; all very supportive.


Now, as a semi-veteran of 16 months, I find I need to ask less and less; in fact a couple of times recently I myself have been asked questions by ‘newbies’ out there, and I have been delighted to offer what nuggets of info I can. To be honest, most is all just advice I was given, or tips I have picked up along the way, so it feels only proper and neighbourly to now help out those just starting out as personal bloggers (as opposed to career bloggers who are into all that SEO malarkey and whatnot).

Personally, I find the Help & Support pages here on WordPress to be pretty comprehensive and understandable even to us oldies, and the WP Forums are also quite active and responsive too I have found. But in addition, my door is always open, or my email address (below) is at least. If you are a ‘newbie’ out there and need a shoulder to cry on, don’t be shy. Call it communal payback for the help I received from other bloggers.

Have a fun day peeps…



16 thoughts on “Bloggers Supporting Bloggers…

  1. Interesting! I’ve been doing it for 12 years.. but my first one was between friends on livejournal. WordPress is a different kettle of fish, I think.


  2. Hello Uncle Spike!

    I was just reading your new blog post and I was about to hit like button and comment “I guess I’m the ‘Newbie’, you’re talking about, right? :P”. Then I read the ‘P.S.’ and I’m completely surprised! Here I was, thinking I might have confused you even more with too much information and then I see this! I really appreciate it cause its hard for me to write an article a day (tech articles also need some prior research) but this just made my day and got me motivated to keep on going! So thank you, I really needed the motivation. Anyway, I’m always an email away whenever you need some tech advice. (:


  3. I’m still somewhat a ‘newbie’. Although I’ve had my blog for about six months, like you, I haven’t posted near as much. Most of my writing is for the purpose of healing my heart and soul and I’m still a bit shy about sharing some of my stories. Thirty years of pain within me and I’m only now beginning to scrape the surface with my stories. It’s not easy.


  4. Danielle says:

    I too am an in betweener has you put it. I have learned so much in the short time I have started blogging and there is still so much to learn. I don’t have a problem reaching out for help and I have even given some help to others. And WP is pretty easy to learn and the WP staff are really helpful as are fellow bloggers.


  5. fredrieka says:

    I am a newbie here!I have a cooking blog, and a everyday silly blog on different sites. This has a different format. I am still learning to work it


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