Village Graveyard


Monday 09 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

In many cultures, and in many parts of the world, burial is still preferred; either for religious reasons or personal preference.

There are large old church cemeteries in places like England dating back hundreds of years. Then there are those devastatingly sad vast fields of simple graves for millions of fallen soldiers of battles and wars across the globe.

Here in our village we too have a couple of graveyards. I thought about taking a number of shots, but I feel that may be ever so slightly intrusive, so I opted for just these couple of images to share with you. Perhaps one day, Uncle Spike will rest here too – I can think of far worse. 

This first image shows a couple of marble graves. In Islamic burial, the cleansed, shroud-wrapped body of the deceased is interred deep under ground, with the head faced towards Mecca. Stone is not used to ‘close’ the top of the visible grave, but instead, flowers are planted as almost a symbolic continuation of life.




This second image shows the area where we wash before a burial or for saying prayers at a graveside (known as Ablution). In a village, this is a simple affair with a concrete stool and a tap fed with water from the mountain streams.




8 thoughts on “Village Graveyard

  1. timecollage says:

    This graveyard seems to be so quiet, as if you stepped into a different dimension of the same world. Somehow muted and disconnected from the rest, a sacred place made so from the significance that has been invested in it over time.

    The bigger urban graveyards lack some of this uniqueness, because they are not so close to the nature, and I think that’s the what makes it special, the designated enclosed space of the graveyard encircled by the open space of nature beyond it.

    I used to dislike graveyards, but I find them quite fascinating now.

    I hope my long rant is not too much 😀


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Welcome as ever Laura. I enjoy your comments; always insightful and interesting.

      I agree, they are not bad places at all. I find them very peaceful in fact 🙂


  2. Rajiv says:

    I like this post. We cremate our dead


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Cultures, traditions and beliefs he world over are different. I used to live in he UK and cremations are quite standard these days.

      In India I remember the ritual cremations in Varanasi – a really beautiful way to honour the passing of a loved one.


  3. fredrieka says:

    I like this very interesting. I have a question how did you get more then one photo in your post? I am new here , still finding my way around


  4. Best graveyard I ever saw was the Jewish cemetery in Prague! Actually, can you really see a best graveyard?


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