Bit Of Maudlin…


Sunday 08 December, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Uncle Spike is getting on a bit. As I look in the mirror, I know this to be fact, but additional supporting evidence lingers all around:


* I now trim my beard to look younger; rather than grow it look older.

* As a farmer, I prefer my old steel work boots (or carpet slippers indoors) to anything resembling 21st century fashion (or even 20th some would say).


* The TV volume setting doesn’t work any more. It won’t go loud enough for some reason.

* Gone are the days of that teenage rebel in leather jeans and studded bracelets. Instead I write blog posts about the attire of my youth.


* Mug of decaf coffee (almost allergic to caffeine) or plain soda water and I’m a happy guy. Kind of a change from a penchant for Laphroaig Single Malt to teetotaller.

* I don’t frequent music stores (we have none), but if there were, guess my 70’s and 80’s tastes would be catered for in the ‘golden oldies’ section.


* Cheek of it. I got called “amca” (meaning Uncle) in the market recently; and not “ağabey” (meaning elder brother). In Turkey that implies one is ‘beyond my generation’… and the guy was perhaps 30-35.

* War movies, still love ’em, but now I get all emotional watching flippin’ X Factor. I’m stuffed when it comes to sad bits in the movies.

images (1)

* In the summer I get up for work earlier than I used to crash out.

* The number plate of my car gets cleaned as well as the bodywork.

* Speckled grey is the new hair colour of choice.


* Don’t understand why going to town once a month to buy a 50kg sack of barley for the chickens doesn’t count as ‘socialising’ and I still have to be ‘nice’ to stoopid people.  

* My kid mentioned me and dinosaurs in the same sentence.


But I shan’t roll over and feed the daisies just yet. Still young at heart; that’s my motto, even if the saying has to be considered ‘relative’ to be accurate. Still feel like a pup, still politely rebellious, still the same weight I was at 20, and still lovin’ life… oh yes, and I still like to chomp kids cereals late at night.


images (2)


Now, enough of this maudlin over the keyboard Spike, get yer skinny butt out of the office and make some breakfast 😀



8 thoughts on “Bit Of Maudlin…

  1. It’s a good beard 🙂
    My greying hair (not on my chin, I hope!) looks like gold and silver tinsel. But no expensive, toxic hair dyes for me. Just my own homemade enhancing rinse made from steeped chamomile and marigold flowers.
    You could try dipping your beard in stewed herbs. The herb sage is good for enhancing greying dark hair.


  2. ballerina95 says:

    it’s amazing that you are the same weight when you were 20 – unless you were a heavy kid? haha. But you can’t stop time, pretty soon you’ll be Grandpa Spike.


  3. loved the ‘dad and dinosaur’ bit. 🙂

    good on you if your weight hasn’t changed in 20-something years.


  4. It was about the time that I conceded all of the above that I started my other blog to set down some memories from the past – mostly for my own sake begore I forgot the stories completely!


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