Even Very Small Women Want Muscles?


Thursday 14 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

I used to think that, but this skinny old wimp-bag has got along just fine, so pants to that idea I reckon. However, am I perhaps wrong on that score…?

I was catching up on the phone with the boss (Aunty Spike) last night (she works away most weeks) and she was telling me about a funny phone call she’d had earlier in the evening. It was from Cousin Spike Jnr’s former teacher from pre-school who happens to travel on the same school bus from somewhere close to us to the school 25 km south of us. Anyway, she’d overheard a conversation…

Small Spike was sat next to another first-grader on the bus, a young lady at that. She was telling him something, and the teacher had leaned in closer to listen.

“Why are you skinny?” asked the girl

“I’m not skinny but it’s not good to be fat” replied Cousin Spike Jnr

(he is 117cm or 46″ tall and 20kg or 44 lbs – pretty normal for a 5½ year old)

“But you’re a man. You should have muscles!” she stated

He showed her his bare upper arm

“I do, look…”

She obviously wasn’t impressed

“You need to go to the gym and pump iron and work out!
Men should have big muscles”



Now just to get this straight, in my mind as much as yours, these kids are 5 years old! Knowing the average Turkish guys around here, with our love of olive oil, stone-oven cooked bread, baklava and copious amounts of sugar and animal fat in the diets of most households, I wonder what sort of images she has in mind for the ‘perfect 5½ year old hunk?

Bless her…

Kiddo didn’t mention it tonight, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens next Monday afternoon, when he has double-sports. To date, his sports teacher is finding it nigh on impossible to coax our young nerd into his sports kit. He normally reacts with a “Why, rolling over on my head will hurt”. To him, exercise should be in the form of chasing chickens around the yard at home, or chasing a monster on some video game!

It’ll be interesting to see if this girls ‘observations’ get’s him interested in sports – he’s a sucker for a good looking gal, so you never know.

7 thoughts on “Even Very Small Women Want Muscles?

  1. timecollage says:

    Lol, “why, rolling over my head will hurt” Maybe some xbox games of the active kind 😀 But he’s too young to have “man muscles”, these kids watch too much TV.


  2. Great Aunt Spike says:

    introduce him to the treadmill , he showed me how it works, and my weights are there if he wants to build up those muscles . we love him as he is, so hope he doesn’t listen to her.


  3. There may be trouble ahead…


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