Throat Singing – Not Just Dr. Sheldon Cooper


Wednesday 13 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

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One of the ‘most watched’ series in this house is The Big Bang Theory, the award winning US comedy about the daily lives of a number of nerdy and socially awkward university scientists, and their neighbour, Penny.

It’s about as spot-on as you could get for our house, with Uncle Spike having spent many years both as a nerd and working alongside other nerds in the domain known as financial IT. Also, Aunty Spike is a technology academic and lecturer, so spends much of her professional life with nerds, whilst claiming not to be one herself of course (yeah right, whatever).

As for Cousin Spike Jnr, he is a born nerd (see the numerous other posts in his category!) and apart from completing his Padawan training to become a Jedi warrior, he has two other ultimate ambitions as of now. One is to be on ‘Team Christina’ (The Voice, US) and two, to be Dr. Sheldon Cooper (a.k.a. Jim Parsons)


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Anyway, do you remember the ‘throat singing’ by Sheldon…?

Or perhaps you don’t watch this epic series… so here’s a clip.


Well, it got me thinking. Now I know how much of Big Bang Theory is pretty well factually correct, and they even have cameo roles by leading scientists such as the brilliant Professor Stephen Hawking, so I wondered; what about ‘throat singing‘. It’s real all right  Just check out his video – our Sheldon was pretty darned good as it turns out!!

What a fascinatingly educational world Planet Spike is after all 😀


13 thoughts on “Throat Singing – Not Just Dr. Sheldon Cooper

  1. I bought my brother the full box set this Christmas, some of my friends call me a Penny when I’m dizzy. 😉

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  2. it’s the favourite in our household too!! a must-watch, at least once a day!


  3. janegundogan says:

    Big Bang was the one series that I was instructed to purchase all seasons before we left Australia (well Big Bang and Revenge). Daughter was excited to see that it is also on CNBC-e as well!


  4. They should give me royalties, I swear I have enough quirks to be on the show. Can’t miss it, it’s one of my favorite shows. Great post!


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