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Tuesday 12 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Short Spike, also known as Cousin Spike Jnr, is a fan of Dora & Diego, those animal loving jungle adventurers on TV that have, over the years, been responsible for some of his vast bank of knowledge on all things natural.




For example; when he was 3 years old, we were staying at a posh hotel in Antalya (a resort 4 hours south of us) during the winter and our son got chatting to some nice English lady, perhaps in her late 60’s. Anyway, he was thumbing through a magazine he had found in the hotel foyer, and this kind lady sat with him, smiled and pointed…

“Look, what a nice fish!”

“No, that’s a whale, a Blue Whale”

“Oh yes, silly me. And look, there’s another one…”

“No, that’s a Humpback Whale”

“My, you are really helping me learn young man, aren’t you?”

Later that evening, kiddo asked me “Daddy, why didn’t that old lady know all that stuff. I don’t understand!” At that point I knew I was gonna be in for a rough ride for the next 15 years.

He got me again just this morning. We were waiting down by the graveyard for his school bus. It’s a few km away, but a convenient quiet spot (no pun intended) for us to wait each day for his bus. Being a rural area, he is well used to all things to do with nature and animals, but his inquisitive nature seems to have extended to the modern world too.

Now, regular readers will be well aware of his tendencies for all things nerdy, like all sci-fi stuff and anything mathematical, but this comment today was a gem. The road (or half made track really) was wet where water had spilled over when a field of an adjoining fruit farm had been flood-irrigated last night. Where we were waiting there were 2 very clear wet tyre tracks on the road. Small person made this ‘observation’… 


images (3)


“Daddy, look at these tyre tracks.
I think they’re were from a mini-bus”

“Oh yes son, why do you think that? I asked inquisitively

“Well daddy look, they aren’t small like a motorbike,
and they aren’t really big like a truck”

“Ok, got ya”

“And daddy, see they are a little bigger than Ellie (our car),
and that track, look, it’s further away from this one,
so it can’t be a car, can it daddy?”

“Right son, I follow”

“And daddy, look. The water is up the road, that way, but none this way,
so it must have come from up that way. That’s the way the
town mini-bus comes from, isn’t it daddy, so there…
it was the mini-bus” he stated 
emphatically .


images (4)


The tracks were indeed wider than a car, with tyres the size of a mini-bus, and yes, heading in the direction that the local mini-bus travels. I gave up, he was spot on. Makes me wonder, what the hell is this little skinny tallish bilingual nerd is gonna be when he grows up? He loves maths (understood negative numbers and basic multiplication division since 4), almost ‘studies’ sci-fi to a frightening level of detail, especially the entire Star Wars phenomenon, and now he’s showing signs of becoming a modern day ‘tracker’ of vehicles.

Funny little man!

6 thoughts on “Modern Day Tracker…

  1. timecollage says:

    Haha, looks like, whatever he’ll end up being, he is definitely on the path of being a very good detective!

    It’s awesome that he makes these remarks at his age 🙂


  2. This made me chuckle, when my brother Matt was little he used to throw a handful of dice and was able to add them up really quickly as soon as they landed from their patterns, he could do long division really quickly in his head so fast and had chemistry sets to play with and electronic sets. He loved singing, drama and dance too and for a while wanted to do that at university, but he saw sense – there can only be one diva in our family – he did a master of pure mathematics and got a first class degree and was President of his University Dancesport ballroom team though and was most proud of his half colours. I’d never admit it to him but I’m quite proud of him 😉


  3. in my day, we had Ranger Rick and I thought he was the smartest raccoon ever! 🙂

    PS. better brush up on your knowledge of integral calculus and theoretical physics. Cousin Spike Jr. will probably be asking you questions about those two subjects soon 🙂


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