Closets & Bravery

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Sunday 10 November, 2013 by Uncle Spike

This was posted as one of my Sunday Philosophical Moments after I had seen a video that a friend had shared on Facebook and it inspired Uncle Spike to write to the Spikey’s.

We all have closets that we sit half our life within; sure, some are petty, but equally some are serious cupboards where we we are too scared to climb out of for long periods of time, decades even.




This video, which I shall get to in a moment, is delivered by a lesbian woman I really admire (of course she’s a woman, what other type would there be, sorry). Anyway, she delivers one of the TED talks, and talks of closets and coming out of them. BUT, and this is where I would ask anyone who is ever so slightly saying to themselves “Hey, this is not for me”, to bear with me for a minute or two.

The essence of her story is that we all face difficult conversations when leaving our closets – whether that be someone ‘coming out’, telling family of a change of religion, admitting of a misdemeanour or a crime, broaching the subject of divorce, or even just saying to mom I lost my pocket money. For many of us, probably all of us, we all face these ‘difficult conversations’ at some time of other, and we deserve to be listened to, and for our bravery to be acknowledged – not to be laughed at, ignored or made the butt of jokes, no mater how innocuous or well meant in jest they may be.


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Heavy topic or what from Uncle Spike? Well, let’s place aside any thoughts we may have over what is morally right or wrong, and watch this video for what it is – a simple look at how similar we all are really. 




...waiting to hear from you...

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