Little Romeo


Thursday 31 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

And so off he went to school this morning. Cousin Spike Jnr, our 5 year old first grader all kitted out in his new ‘winter’ school uniform. Still has a short-sleeved polo shirt (white instead of school colours), but now he wears long grey trousers and a sleeveless blue sweater (tank-top) in the school colours and complete with the school motif. All very dapper was our young nerd, especially with his proper black school shoes that were brought over by his Aunty Viv from England.

So, our pre-flight checks today included the following :-

 – completed homework ~ check

 – snacks ~ check

 – clean undies ~ check

 – school books ~ check

 – love letter & flowers ~ check

……….. WHAT ?? ……….


Yes, whilst our short-legged Romeo still wants to ‘be in Christina Aguilera’s team’, we appear to have a new focus on the horizon for his romanticism. A young girl at school has stolen this boys heart it would seem. Evidence to support that theory coming right up:-

 – picked wild flowers for her yesterday while waiting for the bus

 – not good enough, so he asked daddy for some flowers from the garden

 – ‘no thanks’ to a bedtime story last night; instead he sat in bed and drew love hearts for his young lady friend

 – he brought his colouring set home from school specifically for that job

 – school foto day today and he said he wants to give a foto to his love

 – daddy was even asked if it was ‘ok to ask her to be his girlfriend’

Good lad – taking after his old man, the old romantic 🙂  Will update you on what happens. Will she turn out to be the love of his life – or will it all end in tears in <4 days…?



13 thoughts on “Little Romeo

  1. BeluChi says:

    Have a great day Spike Jnr!… love the flowers!


  2. I always say an early start makes for an early advantage. 😀


  3. raiz1972 says:

    Good luck spike jnr 🙂 … I am from tom baker, love the who


  4. Why does that cartoon look like two Daleks exchanging flowers?


  5. MartyW47 says:

    Best of luck to him! The Daleks are a nice touch…


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