Spikey Stats Izz Growin’…!


Saturday 26 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Well, what a daft old two weeks that was! For while your Uncle Spike has been toddling around the farm attending to some autumnal chores, and proof-reading lots of grown-up academic stuff, the blog went bonkers – thanks to you guys!

Mightily impressed was I just now to see the stats hit what I would term as a rather scrumptious milestone in my book. Now that’s not to say ‘hit’ as in break yer knuckles, or a ‘fender-bender’ moment perhaps, but shall we say a milestone was ‘significantly bumped into’ – there, less dramatic all round, eh?

So what am I harping on about, simple.. the page views or ‘hits’ have put on a bit of spurt to say the least, with the latest tally along the lines of that rather fine fettled figure… 15,000 (up a whopping 50% in 2 weeks).

Maybe we should start a campaign to ask that WordPress change ‘hits’ to smackers’ on the stats page. A fellow blogger suggested that term to me less than an hour ago as an alternative to ‘hits’ – Uncle Spike agrees 🙂  By the way, her blog might be quite new, but In touch with Emma is one I’d recommend.

Plus out there in bloggy-land, there now appears to be 390 folk who ‘follow’ Clan Spike (that’s up 30% in 2 weeks). But if one were to ask where they are following me to, I haven’t the foggiest 🙂

Describing this momentous double occasion as “Cool” doesn’t quite do it justice. I guess I need to confer with Cousin Spike Jnr for a more street-cred variant! 

“Ta very very muchly”



11 thoughts on “Spikey Stats Izz Growin’…!

  1. Jackie says:

    Congratulations! 😀


  2. janegundogan says:

    Onya Spikey – I enjoy the craic! Keep it up!


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Thaannkyyoouu…. I intend to, as long as folk out there click buttons to show they want it, I’ll do it. Actually, I would probably carry on anyhow – I’m famous for talking to myself and/or at brick walls 😀


  3. You act as though you had nothing to do with this, that it has happened by magic! Anyway, Congratulations!


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