My Boyhood Dream: Still Dreamin’


Monday 21 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike


Every little boy has dreams (no not that kind), and mine were often of flying in a military jet. Now I’ve done some daft things in my day, realised many of my dreams, but it’s one dream that has always been allusive, just beyond my reach.




But it takes 4 things I guess to achieve that dream.


1 – Opportunity
Not everyday do you come across a willing military official who says “Yeah, sure, come fly with us”. And also, I’m not too sure how open our local Turkish Armed Forces base would be towards tourism of this kind – me thinks “Hayır beyefendi” or “No sir” would be the response, even if they let me get as far as being able to ask!




2 – Fitness
From what I understand, the level of fitness required to get through the g-force alone that one’s body would be subjected to is quite high I expect. Probably ok on that one, as I’m fitter now than any time in my life – farming helps of that score, big time. I might be nearing the close of my 5th decade, but my BMI is around 21 so apx 5th percentile for males my height/age, so yay, possibly 1 box ticked.




3 – Cash
Loot, money, foldies, wonga… call it what you will, from what I know, getting a ticket on a military jobbie is gonna cost, and lots of it. As I am basically skint, and farming hardly breaks even, I don’t think our Turkish civil service income is likely to foot the bill.




4 – Guts
I’m a brave guy (ish)…
–  I can paint a house 7 metres ( ft) up a ladder.
–  I can operate a chainsaw say 5 metres up a tree.
–  I’ve ridden a motorbike at just over 240 kph (that’s 150 mph)
–  I can drive a fast car pretty safely (e.g. Audi TT 225bhp)
–  I can handle snakes and scary things
–  I’ve had 2 mothers-in-law

But do I have STILL have the guts for this dream. I have to keep on believing that I do, but it could be hilarious to watch me shake like a wimpering school kid if I was ever actually offered the chance!




Hey ho, I still have my dream, but perhaps the nearest I’ll get to an afterburner these days will more likely to be related to my love of spicy cooking that of the military aircraft kind…



29 thoughts on “My Boyhood Dream: Still Dreamin’

  1. Thom Hickey says:

    Thanks. Really pleased to have found your blog with a voice of its own. Look forward to exploring here. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (plugged in and ready to play).


  2. lizard100 says:

    Found some comments from you in spam. Sorry I didn’t reply. There were ages from people I talk to regularly. How strange. Dreams are great. I like to aim for them.


  3. Kendra S says:

    this is one of my dreams, too – it is definitely on my bucket list. if you ever figure out how to achieve this goal, let me know 🙂


  4. geemolina says:

    Yay! This is a nice dream but for me who’s somewhat afraid of flying– stepping into a plane and trying to relax myself for an hour or less is such a dilemma.
    I guess you can try it out Uncle Spike! I’ll cheer for you in the crowd during take off. 😀


  5. aquacompass7 says:

    Thank you for visiting my blog.


  6. kurtengel&Shulamit says:

    Hi Uncle Spike,today we visited a military school with our 13 year old son.He has been drawing airplanes and parachutes since he was two years old.He is still building tanks and planes with lego today.His older brother serves in the Army and whenever he comes home those two are like glue.He is in the “search and rescue”class and had his first flight in a big helicopter.Here is a link in English to that school.

    If you ever come to Israel maybe you can teach young soldiers and get the chance to fulfill your childhood dream 😉 ?Blessings from Israel


    • Uncle Spike says:

      Looks like a professional and decent school 🙂

      That’d be interesting, going there on my Turkish or UK passport. Personally, sounds good to me. I have so many stories to tell of my many months in Israel back in 1987-88 (just 2-3 so far on my blog).

      As for flying, that’ll stay my dream I guess 🙂


  7. panikikubik says:

    My ex husband dreamed about this too.
    His father and uncle flew military planes.
    His father died in one and his uncle flew in wars in one.

    Last year me and my oldest son was thinking of a nice present for my ex-husbands 60 anniversary.
    And I saw that if you paid 2000 dollars, You could get 15 minutes ride in a real military jetplan.

    I didn’t have the money then. But I was thinking of it. We’re divorced since many years, But he’s such a good father and person, so it would have been nice to surprise him with THAT.
    But I guess just the thought will do.
    What me and the boys gaved him? New shoes and a cake and a classic swedish birthday song.


  8. gillyh1 says:

    When my husband turned 50 I bought him a flying lesson, not a jet though! it’s something he’s always wanted to do (and still does) since he worked on Nimrods in the RAF. I went up with him as a passenger, NEVER again!


  9. Ed says:

    Never been in a jet but I did fly across the desert in a Bradley AFV in the first gulf war back in 91′


  10. relovertigo says:

    I used to think I could be a Top Gun. Then I had my first child. I guess God has blessed women with a host of strange bodily changes, post-partum. For me, extreme motion sickness was one of them. 😛 No more dreams of flying upside down. No way. Sooner or later, you have to roll the plane back over. And that barf WILL come down off that canopy.


  11. raiz1972 says:

    I also have this dream . I did get to fly a sea king helicopter while in the navy ( I say fly more like point in right direction :-). )? . Not quite an jet


  12. The Rider says:

    I share that dream!


  13. tonyarmitage says:

    Me too.. then reality sets in an you realise the closest you’ll get is most likely a computer game – still I did get taken through an hours worth of aerobatics when I was small.. which I absolutely loved and it got me over any fear of flying… good pic btw


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