Could Ms. Aguilera Shove Shakira or Padme From Top Spot?


Wednesday 16 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

We recently started watching the latest season of The Voice in the Spike household, a show we enjoy over mealtimes generally. However, this series may be about to cause a major upset in this part of the world… or in the love life of Cousin Spike Jnr anyway.

For a long time, Shakira ruled (new followers/readers might be advised to brush up on their knowledge of CSJ’s love life – remember this?). She was the only one, the golden girl when it came to the adoration and affections on offer from the little guy. He loved to watch her on TV, looked out for her photos in the papers all the time and went all quivery when he heard her music playing in mums car. He had a point I’ll admit.


And then, when series 4 finished, so was Shakira (I refer my learned friends to my former statements on that subject, Article A and Article B). There was no longer talk of short cute Latin blondes in this house… for Padmé Amidala had taken over that crown, well and truly.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

All was well, everything calm… until series 5 started.

We had to explain that the judges had changed, or two at least had, reverting back to the original line-up of series 1-3. Out was Usher (a disappointment to 79 year old Granny Spike), and back in was the dude himself, Cee Lo Green, so our kiddo no longer has an excuse for sitting on one of his legs all the time thinking he was Usher.

Blake Shelton (winning coach extraordinaire) was still there, as was Adam Levine. That fact was very much to the delight of Aunty Spike I think, as she reservedly pointed out with a “Oh, it’s good to see Adam still there” type of comment, but inside she was quite obviously going “YES!!!” if the truth were told.

But the BIG CHANGE of considerable importance was that Shakira was no longer a judge either. Cousin Spike Jnr was in shock. But that soon passed and it seemed perfectly acceptable the second he spotted the original female judge they had brought back in, none other than the ever so svelte Ms Christina AguileraHmm, there were questions on his face to start with, but within 2 minutes and 37 seconds, he seemed quite taken by this new female in his life.

images (1)

Is Padme’s crown slipping?

Will we no longer have to travel 34,000 light years to Naboo
to attend our son’s wedding to the Princess of Theed?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sorry Shakira, but I gotta feeling you are now relegated
to the title of ‘former Mrs Cousin Spike Jnr’


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dunno if the lovely Padme has lost her top spot.
Jury’s out for the moment; but it’s not looking good for her!

images (1)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Could we have a new princess in the family..?
Christina Spike – not got quite the same ring has it?

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2 thoughts on “Could Ms. Aguilera Shove Shakira or Padme From Top Spot?

  1. Love The Voice! I think our UK judges are changing this year, as well.


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