Forgotten Words


Thursday 10 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

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Languages change, sure, we’ve all heard the reports of ‘new words’ being added year on year into well known and respected dictionaries, but how many are removed?


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Do I really care, probably not. But every now and then, one stumbles across a word or two that you hardly ever hear. Crap; does that mean Uncle Spike is getting a bit old in the tooth, and will become known as Grandpa Spike pretty soon??

Anyway, my ‘forgotten words’ for today are:-








Am I alone on this?  Are we losing our language, or it a steady ‘progression’, or am I just getting past it?  Answers on a postcard (whatever one of those is!)… 


7 thoughts on “Forgotten Words

  1. Noccie says:

    I keep threatening to give my friend’s child a thesaurus for Christmas because his vocabulary is so lacking. I had to explain the word irksome to him.


  2. S.R. Tooms says:

    I agree with ya, Unc. It seems we are either creating new words or condensing our vocabulary into but a few terms! In fact, I believe “srsly” is now an official word in most dictionaries 😛
    I’m just glad the “epic” era is coming to an end… WIN! Whatever happened to jolly good, wot wot.


  3. Shana Rae says:

    Oh my, I actually used tickety-boo in a comment I posted recently! I love words and always want to know the etymology because quite often the meaning has changed over the years, like the word gay for example, there is a richness in words, they have power and yes, I worry too that a lot of that is going to be lost with all the txtspeak that youngsters use these days, henceforth I shall be known as Granny Rae!!


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