A Thoroughly Balanced Nerd


Thursday 10 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Cousin Spike Jnr, is a nerd.

This is not news per sae, for we know it, our family and friends know it, and by and large, quite a few followers of this blog know it!

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But this morning, our resident 5 year old rug-rat confirmed his standing as Chief Nerd of the household (which, believe me, is no mean feat considering his parents, Aunty & Uncle Spike, who like to consider themselves connoisseurs of nerdiness, even if a little middle-aged).

To start off, I woke said kid up at 06:45

He was wearing his Ben 10 pyjamas, under his Harry Potter duvet, with two Star Wars reading books still in his bed, and actually clutching two mini-figures of Qui-Gon Jin and Anakin Skywalker in his hands as he slept – he’d been like that all night long.

“Morning kid” said I, Unce Spike, as I opened the curtains.
“Morning daddy”, replied a sleepy head Cousin Spike Jnr.

“Daddy, I need to know 3 very important things before I get up”
“Ok, what are those?”

(showing his fingers in the air as he sat under his duvet,
he counted out his ‘important things’, he said)

1. Is it Friday today, or tomorrow?
2. When will the Star Wars 7 film come out?
3. When will Angry Birds Star Wars 3 come out?

“Tomorrow. Next year. Dunno” were my replies.

images (6)

That was that, off downstairs to grab a bowl of Coco-pops before leaving for the school bus at 07:30.

And off he went, all smart in his school uniform (still in his shots as ‘winter uniform’ time hasn’t started yet). He was wearing Spiderman socks, of course, and knickers with Yoda on the front of them. Packed in his bag was Avengers water bottle, but alas, no Star Wars books or toys – they got banned by his teacher after the 2nd day of the new school year!

images (7)

Waiting for the bus, he was doing some rather awesome impressions, of Sheldon and even Howard’s mum from the Big Bang Theory, whilst running around with a snall fallen pine tree branch he picked up, using it as a Light Sabre to destroy the Sith (i.e. anyone who passed by as we wait for the bus on a roadside near town: we live in a far flung village, so we drive down to meet the bus).

So of course, I firmly believe he is still continuing well along the road towards becoming a nerd, true enough, but also think he is now becoming a thoroughly well balanced nerd overall. Glad to see his priorities are well and truly in place.

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One thought on “A Thoroughly Balanced Nerd

  1. heh heh… well, a balance of interests is important. 🙂


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