Wednesday 09 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Uncle Spike is a happy blogger today. It’s a gorgeous sunny day and I’ve come indoors to cool down after digging some of the large veggie garden as we hit that transitional period between our hot dry summer and mild and stormy winter.

Anyway, guess what…
I was nominated for an award today
by Danielle, the great writer behind the blog
Motherhood and Beyond.

I was chuffed indeed, who wouldn’t be. It’s my very first nomination, and so the first opportunity I’ve had to sit back and consider what I should do. I had to ask myself if I really deserved it first of all, and more importantly, I then asked myself why I actually do what I do (blog that is, not farming etc).

Uncle Spikes Adventures is still pretty new as a concept, a little raw to be honest at times, but gaining momentum day by day as I learn from the more experienced bloggers out there what works, and what clearly does not.

Like most bloggers, I don’t do this for money, fame, or to feather my bed with adoring fans; far from it. I really enjoy writing for my own sense of achievement, for giving something back to the community and if nothing else, as a way of passing on some of the memories that seem to have accumulated in my little brain during the past five decades…

We all love to be appreciated, but like many others, I have decided to opt out from receiving blogging awards; and here’s why:

Similar to an established and well respected blogger that I follow, The Rider, I feel a tad awkward accepting accolades and then to join in the game of forwarding nominations on to to other bloggers – most of whom are far more experienced and better at this than I. And so…

To anyone considering nominating Uncle Spike, I would like to say:

“I’m really honoured, but I’d prefer just to accept your silent praise.” 

To those who look at my posts, I’m gonna say:

“So glad you popped by to have a look at my blog; hope you liked what you saw”

To my followers (246 and counting!), well, what can I say…

“Thank you. I thoroughly appreciate your support, and knowing that you actually ‘want’ to see my posts pop up in your Reader every day is reward in itself. 


But I always love to get feedback. so if you would like to critique any of my posts, or the blog in general, please feel free to add a comment below, or email me direct at

Keep on blogging




14 thoughts on “AWARDS

  1. Kim13 says:

    I was recently “awarded” two of these lovely thoughts also…I feel badly that I have not responded to either one, it honestly felt like I was being punished, not rewarded lol! I concur, and want your badge!


  2. Gail says:

    Great philosophy! I concur.


  3. What an interesting question. I’ve not really thought much about awards.. my blog is pretty much for friends and family to follow our travels so it’s hardly a contender but I like trawling for good blogs to read and I see awards being given and have no idea who is giving them or for what… and what they entail. Do they have criteria or is it a less subjective process than that?


    • Uncle Spike says:

      From what I gather Amanda, most if not all awards are forms of chain-mails (or chain-posts I guess). So someone gets awarded from someone they know, then then send the ‘award’ on to to 10 more people they perceive as worthy of the accolade.

      But I’m a funny old boo-gar… I like to be patted on the head, sure, but personal messages of critique as well as praise are of more value I think.


      • Thorn says:

        A chain letter award sounds a bit hollow anyways. I’m all for awards and recognising good work, but not self-perpetuating ones started by bloggers that just want a free pat on the back.


  4. Could not agree with you more. Awards are not for me but I feel so rude when I ignore them or turn them down.


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