Yacht Spotting in Göcek


Monday 07 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Yesterday, Clan Spike ventured out for brekky!

It was a lovely sunny day, albeit a wee bit cool by our standards, that is, 17 (63F) when we left home, but that crept up to 23-24 (73-75F) a little later. I know that isn’t cold by any stretch of the imagination, but after every day being 30 (86F) by breakfast time and up to 44 (110F) for up to 3 months, I think I can be permitted a little shiver of me timbers…

My nautical speak is pretty dire I’ll admit, but it was a genuine theme for the day, coz we on that day, we went boating !!!




Ok, so that was a bit of a white lie…. but we did go to Göcek (pronounced Goe-jek) which is pretty much considered to be yachty heaven around these parts.




We saw some boats, took some fotos, had a wander around and ate a lovely healthy Turkish breakfast whilst watching some boats. Maybe that doesn’t quite cut the mustard when it comes to having claimed we ‘went boating’, but it’s probably as close as we’ll get 😀




The place is full of fancy yachts and motor cruisers, big and small, and all the ‘pretty people’ walking around obviously had the cash to go with it. Even the 10 litre bottles of water in the high steet store were twice the price I paid the other day in our village (same brand in fact).




But even though we are obviously NOT seen as Lord and Lady Yachty Knickers… the one and only way to deal with that is to just remember one thing – they visit here: we live here 😀 😀 !!




Anyway, talking of brekky, here’s a picture of it :-



6 thoughts on “Yacht Spotting in Göcek

  1. Gill McGrath says:

    Any job vacancies on your farm?


  2. […] brekky trip out to Göcek was a worthy subject of the post Yacht Spotting in Göcek. Sure, the highlight and main feature are the yacht marinas, but the the town itself is lovely too, […]


  3. raiz1972 says:

    I love that place ,one day !


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