My Doggie Friend – Part 3


Sunday 06 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

More Moments of Taz…




This is the third in a mini-series all about Taz; a rather mad but loveable Staffie I had a few years back in Yorkshire, in the north of England.

The first two parts can be seen here if you missed them:-

My Doggie Friend – Part 1

My Doggie Friend – Part 2

In this short series of posts, I have tried to honour the old chap with a few tales of his exploits… Hope you like them 🙂


Ski Sunday 

Yep, the same garden, and the same hill, Todger Hill. But apart from sunbathing his dog-hood for all the neighbours to see, he did have another hill-related party trick. Like many animals, he had a tendency to show off… or rather to show his owners up at the most delicate of moments, and in a style all of his own. Generally this would only happen on the odd occasion we had visitors staying, or when friends or colleagues popped in for a coffee.

When he was convinced he had a captive audience, Taz would take up position on his hill – knowing full well that from either the kitchen or the lounge window, he could be seen in all his glory. And then we would calmly, slowly and very deliberately, ski down the hill. Yep, it was bum on the grass, back legs tucked up and using his front legs as ski poles, he would slide down the hill.

If by chance, his audience was only laughing and not perturbed in the slightest, he would then proceed to ‘sniff’ his ski trail, look back at his audience for approval, and then trot back up to start the whole ski run once more. What an endearing and charming party trick – typical Staffie.

There was another ‘trick’ he used to do on that hill, especially for visitors, but I won’t elaborate for fear of being closed down by WordPress. Other current or former Staffie owners probably can guess what he used to get up to!!



I never had the time, nor the inclination to grow veggies until I emigrated, but we did have a bash at growing some strawberries for a couple of years. But, living on top of a hill in Yorkshire was not ideal for growing much – too darned windy.

Anyway, we planted some, and we grew some. But that’s where our affair with strawberries ended – for we never ate more than 5 in a whole season. Why? Coz Taz was rather partial to them too, and would hare up the old York stone pathway from the cottage to where the strawberries grew the very second the back door was opened after we got home from work… and would then proceed to scoff every last one of them that was even half ripe. Bless him !


And finalised in Part Four….

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  2. Oh isn’t that cute!!


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