My Doggie Friend – Part 1


Tuesday 01 October, 2013 by Uncle Spike

I’d Like You To Meet Taz…




Taz was a faithful buddy of mine a few years back when I lived and worked in Yorkshire, in the north of England. He was a rescue dog, not maltreated as such, just an unwanted pet after his stud days had passed. He spent 7 years with us, but unfortunately I have just a few fotos, as all my pre-digital albums are (hopefully) still stacked in a friends attic in the UK (not been back since 2005).

In this short series of posts, I have tried to honour the old chap with a few tales of his exploits… Hope you like them 🙂


Anyone For Tennis?

A weekly treat for Taz was tennis. No, mad as I am, I didn’t have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who actually played tennis… but we did purchase a few tubes of tennis balls over the years. So, generally on a Friday, we would give him a treat for not wrecking the joint after we had both been away from home all day working. Not a cuddly toy, no, a simple, very normal tennis ball.

For a fair while, he would throw it around the room, trying to avoid the ornaments that adorned every last square centimetre of the old cottage. He would take it up to the top of the stairs, drop it, and watch it bounce down, step by step, to the bottom – then retrieve it and start all over again. After that part was done and dusted, he would lie down on his stomach and ‘grab’ the tennis ball with his powerful front legs and then start to very slowly pick at the band that goes round a tennis ball. He would slowly pull that whole thing off.

Then he would go for the fluff, starting slowly at first to pick at with his teeth. This went on for a few minutes until be ended up in a frenzy of fluff extraction… continuing until the ball was completely bald!

Then he simply bit, chewed up and swallowed the whole thing and went back to sleep to dream of next week’s brand new tennis ball.


Fruit and Veg

Dogs are meat-eaters right? Well not all. Taz was a vegetarian on the whole; not that he would turn away a hunk of steak, no sir, but he would do almost anything for a carrot, an apple or a banana – some of his most loved delicacies.

He could be fast asleep, supposedly, but I swear he could hear the fridge door open from 84 metres distance. Even the ‘snap’ of a banana skin stalk and he was out of his bed like a convict at a jailbreak, skidding to a halt by the side of the open fridge door, staring, just staring at the fruit drawer, willing it to open by doggie-mind tricks alone. Even when we went away, he would be packed off to his favourite kennels, complete with his very own bag of fruit and veg!

You could test him on it too. Say the word “courgette”, nothing, “potato”, nothing, but just try and “carrot” or “apple”… and he would give a low down “ruff” and immediately start drooling.


Continued in Part Two….

6 thoughts on “My Doggie Friend – Part 1

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  2. I have the utmost respect for people who take in rescue pets! He seemed like an amazing family member 🙂


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