Who Says Romance Is Dead?


Thursday 26 September, 2013 by Uncle Spike

As humans, and I’m talking us ‘men’ in particular, we spend much of our life trying to attract a partner. Fair enough, it’s just nature really isn’t it? So why oh why do we fret and worry and over think romance – let’s face it, they don’t do that in the animal kingdom now do they?

On the farm we have daily visitors in spring and autumn of the mobile hard-hat variety: aka, tortoises. There are loads of them; wandering about all over the place from dawn till dusk.

There are little tiny ones like this:-




… and big old daddy ones like this:-


Picture 024_blog


But spring time is where it get’s entertaining. When we first moved here, I used to think “How many new fences are they building?” as you could hear the sounds of fence construction on neighbouring farms… from all sides it would seem. All very weird I thought.

As it happens, I was wrong, oh so wrong. Fence building? Nope, it was just the darned tortoises having a bit of ‘hey ho’ in the spring sunshine – here, there and everywhere!

These little Romeos get pretty amorous of a springtime, and boy, they are pretty noisy little blighters when they get going too, I can tell you. But I think you’ll agree, their chat-up lines are not all that impressive – maybe I’m not so bad after all; they make me look like a pure romantic by comparison!!


10 thoughts on “Who Says Romance Is Dead?

  1. Koko says:

    I’m surprised the species goes on! Hahaha….


  2. Headbutting your partner’s rear end is certainly a novel way of getting her in the mood! Still, look what all that shell-knocking activity results in — such cute little babies. Do they eat your plants?


  3. courtship begins by using your head as a doorknocker … ROTFL.


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