Our Seasons Are Changing


Tuesday 17 September, 2013 by Uncle Spike


Summer has gone; long live Autumn!

Only a few short days ago, we were still experiencing ‘summer’. Ok, so it wasn’t the full-on temperatures of 40+C every day (that’s what, over 104F in old money), but every day was still well into the mid 30’s, wall to wall sunshine and farming chores were still not all that appealing to be honest. Then along came the dreaded hot evening winds whereby you really don’t want to sit on the balcony for dinner at dusk, as it was like being under one of those large old hair-dryers your aunt used to get stuck under years ago at the weekly visit to the hairdressers salon!

But all that has changed in the past 24 hours!
Last night, we had rain 😀


It was a steady rain for a few hours thankfully, and not the usual end-of-summer monster-sized electrical storm that normally announces the change of the season we usually see. I’m sure that will be here pretty soon as the weather is very much pattern predictable, at least for spring/autumn season changeover time.

By dawn, the rain had gone, the flowers were standing up – happy from their deluge of soggy nutrients, the dog was steaming as the temperature increased, and the roosters were also drying out as they pecked their morning corn. My son then got up (around 0630) and ran to the window….

“Daddy, look!!!  Look at the clouds!”

To be fair, he hasn’t seen more than a couple since May, so I get his excitement 🙂  So there we have it. The kids went back to school yesterday, the thermometer is still under 30 (just) by mid morning for the first time since early May, the ground is soft(ish) and my workboots and socks have been recommissioned back into daily use after their summer recess.

This mornings task – hacking back the weeds and waist high grass in the orchard where the drip watering pipes have lain over the dry season. Using my trusty gas motor powered backpack brushcutter, it was kinda good to have my hair, nostrils, ears and boots full of cuttings once again – back to reality for this blogging farmer!

It’ll be weird but lovely to see the house garden change colour slowly from a dusty brown, to a rather more attractive green over the coming weeks!


4 thoughts on “Our Seasons Are Changing

  1. Victoria says:

    All very lovely. Your photos, home, and prose.


  2. raiz1972 says:

    I would love to see it this time and later in the year , I bet it looks so different


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