Sheldon: Mark IV


Sunday 01 September, 2013 by Uncle Spike

If you have seen some of my recent posts, you’ll have gathered that our five year old lad is well known as a Star Wars nerd, whilst others will know of him as a Harry Potter geek, but some will also know of him as a Big Bang fan.

In his current mode, he is 90% Star Wars, and 10% Big Bang Theory.

On the Big Bang Theory side of life… he likes to quote lines from the series, and before bed he likes to wet his hair and proudly combs it to look like Sheldon’s.

He has had many Sheldon moments. Here are just two:-

… … … … … … … …

Sheldon moment one

images (1)Now he LOVES maths, a year or so back, when he was four, he would often sit down to do an hour of maths at home after pre-school. His favourites were addition and subtraction sums resulting in negative numbers, such as 10+5-17=-2. He also enjoys logic, and especially his own peculiar brand of logic, such as Rainbow Maths. He learnt the colours of the rainbow at age three, no big deal, but he took that one step further. He would say things like:

“Daddy, what is 10 minus blue?”

“Err… what that’s son?

“Daddy, what is 10 minus blue?”

“I don’t know… what is it?”



“Easy daddy. Blue is the fifth colour, so 10-5=5”

“Oh, ok, thanks for that…”

“…and daddy, that means ‘indigo – orange = green”

I can follow his logic, and even marvel at it. What scares the crappers out of me is when he starts calculus… help!

… … … … … … … …

Sheldon moment two

download (2)The other night, we were sat out on the balcony having dinner. It was close to 9pm but still well over 30 degrees; just another muggy end of summer evening. We were sat as a family, chatting about the weeks events, nothing unusual. Small person was all excited, having received a new Star Wars reading book, so bedtime was starting to not seem such a bad proposition to him. But then he drifted off to the land of Sheldonia… I was about at this point that I asked my wife what day it was… and kiddo piped up:

“It’s Frinight”


“It’s Frinight”

“Ah, you mean Friday night?”

“No, it’s night-time, isn’t it daddy?”

“Yes…. so?”

“So, then it’s Frinight”

“Please explain Small Sheldon”

“It’s can’t be Fri-DAY as it’s dark, so it must be Fri-NIGHT”

Can’t fault his logic again, even he is as bonkers as Sheldon. So then we asked him about Sunday; just what would he call Sunday evening? He said:


I challenged this on the basis that Sun-DAY sounded correct, but you couldn’t have Sun-NIGHT. What about Sun-DAY and Moon-NIGHT?”

He is in a dilemma now, still pondering this one. I await his next burst of logic, knowing, just knowing he’ll come back to me on this one!

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