They Call Him Small Vader


Tuesday 27 August, 2013 by Uncle Spike

Our lad is five, and destined to be a nerd.

Thinking about it, it’s probably no big surprise, having a couple of pretty nerdy parents, a nerdy but lovable uncle and just way too much time on his hands after almost 3 months of summer school holidays. Plus he’s an only kid, living in a pretty isolated village. 


So here it is, a summary… 

  • Yesterday, he came to join me in the office, asked if he knew more than me about Star Wars. “Yes, I expect you do son; but let’s check, eh?”
    We then had a go at a couple of Star Wars quizzes online.
    He beat me hands down, notching up some pretty impressive scoring.
    “See, told you daddy”
    Grrr… he’s five.


  • These last few days, he is also calling me “Sir” all the time, as I am apparently Darth Vader. He does EVERYTHING I tell him  Trouble is, I’ll probably be called Jabba The Hutt next.



  • Every stick he finds on our farm is a potential light sabre, and our chickens, well naturally, they are his Storm Troopers.


  • When mummy is grumpy, he calls her Ventress.

images (1)


  • Sometimes he talks of Star Wars stories we are unfamiliar with. When challenged, he simply states he is drafting the 7th film. And he’s five…


  • Said small person wakes up and hums the theme tunes from that moment, usually until bedtime.



  • His Star Wars figures go everywhere with him, even to bed and is often still clutching them in his hands in the morning, seriously!


  • He is five, and will start primary school soon, but already reads Level 3 books (Reading Alone) all about Star Wars. He reads them in bed, he reads them in the bathroom. He even took one on holiday with us, and read it sat on the ferry and then every day on the beach!



  • His favourite t-shirt, need you guess?

images (3)


  • Jigsaws entertain him too, but his favourite is a Clone Wars scene. 


  • We have a tablet pc. But it is full to the brim of Star Wars apps, mainly Star Wars Angry Birds.

download (1)


  • He has been watching the full length Star Wars films since he was 3. He watches all six films over and over, and knows all the plots of all the films. He is now 5.


  •  Did you know just how many Star Wars games there are out there on the internet? I do now. We regularly hear “woo-hoo” and “yippee” as His Nerdship reaches another level and a new high score.



images (5)

But it’s not all Star Wars… he also recites lines from Big Bang Theory too, and does passable impressions of Sheldon, Raj and Howard. Of course, when he wants to enter our room, he goes:

knock-knock, “mummy”

knock-knock, “mummy”

knock-knock, “mummy”!

Dare I mention Superman & His Amazing Friends, or Green Lantern, the endless list of superhero films that clog up our USB drive??  And guess who told me what to write in this post!

So there you go. It is now up to you.
Time to grade him on the scale of nerdiness!


6 thoughts on “They Call Him Small Vader

  1. Thorn says:

    Wait, I don’t understand – being very nerdy IS normal! I don’t know how to vote! 😀

    Also, your son sounds awesome. My dad and I bond a lot through films we both love, and whenever I catch up with him I like nothing more than to take him to the cinema or rent a great film for us to watch. I hope it’s the same for you and your son. Keep up the good parenting! 😉


  2. Don’t worry Uncle S. He’ll be writing your blog soon and you can put your feet up!


    • Uncle Spike says:

      You mean I should add that to his chores list of setting the table, emptying the dishwasher and tidying his room?

      Cool idea, but perhaps a tad risky; he is mischievous, just as I was as a lad – no way I’m giving him my password! lol


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