Education, or Travel?


Monday 15 July, 2013 by Uncle Spike


Myself, I am pretty much uneducated, well, in the traditional sense that is, having opted out of schooling at the age of 16. But I travelled extensively, worked many jobs, and learned numerous skills in a varied career. Not the easiest of routes I’ll admit, and certainly not the most financially rewarding, but for me, the ‘University of Life’ felt right.

Some I know have never left education, having continued through school, college/university, post-grad studies and built a career in academia.

Others have completed basic undergrad studies and gone on to build careers in areas utterly contrary to their educational credentials.

What route do you think holds the key to a balance of success and happiness?

12 thoughts on “Education, or Travel?

  1. Vickey says:

    There is definately a lot to learn about this issue.

    I like all of the points you made.


  2. lizard100 says:

    I’d prefer to change this phrase to ‘Don’t tell me how educated you are, tell me how much you’ve learned!’
    I’m sad you see yourself as uneducated. In the short time I’ve been reading your blog it’s obvious that you are very learned regardless of how much formal schooling you’ve had. It’s a social problem that study before we reach 25 is valued above all the experience we have in Life.


  3. Being allowed and helped (in my case by my parents who both left school at 16/17) to study something you truly love to do rather than what people think you should do. Well that’s what I’m hoping anyway 🙂


    • Uncle Spike says:

      That’s the best answer for sure; but not many find their niche in life so early on, which is usually where people come unstuck. You are doing just fine Missy H 😀


      • My younger brother likes to write, plays mainly, but he really doesn’t like English Literature classes so he took his favourite subjects, well and Maths because it’s Maths and it’s good for you :), and he’s hoping to study Geography because he’s really interested in human geography and is enjoying earth science in Geography now he’s studied it more, he hasn’t a clue where it’s going to take him but my parent encouraged him just to choose something he liked best or go straight into work as they did. If he gets the grades he goes to Uni, if he doesn’t he gets a job 🙂

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  4. Ed says:

    Nothing beats actually visiting historical sites and places like museums to learn, I myself was bored in High School and suffered for it, luckily now I know more than I ever learned in school, not to mention with the internet I can learn as much as I want to I wish we had computers and the internet when I was growing up, I relied on the local public library..:-)


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